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A Google Analytics Agency Can Get the Most from Google Analytics

When you have an online presence and are operating a number of digital marketing strategies one of the ways you can monitor them and collect a lot of other data is using Google Analytics. Here is a look at how a google analytics agency Dubai can ensure you get the most from the software.

Create and use custom reports

An expert can use the custom report feature and look at the total conversions and clicks for each medium. They can ensure they can see only the information they need to. They can even narrow it down as far as looking at hourly clicks and conversions.

Using the alert feature to avoid overlooking anything

A lot of people try using Google Analytics themselves but struggle because of all that data and not knowing what is important. A digital transformation agency Dubai does not have that problem and can use the alert feature to ensure they do not miss anything so that when the need for improvements can be seen they are handled and not overlooked.

Using advanced segments

One of the problems of the older interface was that you were not able to compare two types of traffic at once. But with advanced segments, your Dubai expert can now specify a keyword, medium or source parameter and then in one graph compare those multiple segments.

Understanding the data

Experts have a far better understanding of what the data might mean. You might see that more time is being spent on your eCommerce site and assume you are getting more users and more engagement from them which is a good thing. But, increased time spent on your site might mean something else completely. It could indicate users are not finding what they want or are clicking aimlessly because what they want is not clear to find. This is not good and needs to be dealt with.

Make sure your business visits are not skewing metrics

If you and your employees are often visiting your website you could be skewing the site usage metrics. A Google analytics agency Dubai can make sure Analytics does not include certain IP addresses so that the data they are using is only that of actual users.

Make use of the annotations feature

The annotations feature on Google Analytics means the user can add a comment to certain dates detailing things that happened that might have affected those results, so when the user looks at a later date they are able to remember what happened.

Setting up achievable goals

With a digital transformation agency Dubai they can set up accurate and achievable business goals. They can test them regularly, and combine goals set up with a funnel so that you can see where and when you might be losing traffic.


With the right agency, you can achieve better digital marketing strategies and they know how to use Google Analytics to get the best outcomes for you.

Mohit Jain

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