July 19, 2024
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8 Tips for Preventing Pests Around Your Home

Even though your home is always nearly spotless, it is not entirely safe from pests. However, armed with the appropriate information, you may take the necessary precautions to avoid infestations, detect pests, and eliminate them effectively. Below are 8 tips to prevent pests from ruining your home life.

1. Maintain the kitchen’s cleanliness.

Pests flourish in filthy, humid environments. You can prevent problems from thriving in your kitchen by always keeping your surfaces, racks, stovetops, and even inside your drawers clean and dry.

In addition, food particles left in the open can attract additional insects so clear out tables and food preparation areas immediately after use.

2. Keep your bathroom clean and dry.

Always maintain a tidy and dry bathroom to ensure it is constantly sanitary for use.

Clean the toilet bowl with a toilet cleaner every other day and use a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner to clean the sink. Keep the shower curtain clear of moss and dry. Ensure that hair and soap particles do not block the drain and that it is constantly covered. 

3. Regularly dispose of wastes.

It is pointless if you constantly clean your bathroom and kitchen area but fail to throw your trash regularly.

Ideally, it would help if you dispose of your garbage daily. Garbage buildup may result in rat, rodent, and cockroach infestations. This is made worse by rotting food particles around the home.

Trash that is left unattended will attract pests and may lead to the spread of illnesses among your pets and young children.

4. Provide maintenance for your garden.

Keep your garden tidy and clean to avoid unwelcome pests such as mosquitoes, rodents, and ants.

Having a pond or a water feature in your landscape means that maintaining it will require extra effort. Plug and fill any holes or pits that might collect water around your lawn or garden. Also, regularly clip the plants to prevent unruly, bushy growth as it can attract flies. If you have wooden pallets in Toronto, check what’s lying underneath them from time to time.

5. Look for areas where water can be stored.

Prevent mosquito-borne illnesses, such as dengue and malaria, by cleaning the area around your home where water can be stored.

Keep the bathroom buckets and plant pots dry while they are not in use. The same holds true for kitchen tools. If your air conditioner drips, do not place a container below it to catch it so it will not breed mosquitos. See that there is no stagnant water anywhere around or in your home.

6. Keep exterior-use objects outdoors

You may have chairs, shoes, buckets, and other gardening materials that you often keep inside your home instead of leaving them in the garden or your lawn. You can only bring them indoors until they have been fully cleaned. Bringing them inside may unwittingly introduce several bugs into your home.

The same holds true for outdoor toys such as battery-powered toy cars and even your children’s bicycles. Do not keep them in your living room, kitchen, and the like, but keep them in areas like the garage.

7. Install window nets.

Consider installing window nets to prevent flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and giant cockroaches from entering. This is an efficient method for keeping bugs out of your home while enhancing ventilation.

Also, if any window panes or glasses are damaged, fix them as soon as possible to prevent insects from entering. You should also inspect and, if required, fix every door in the home in case there are possible entryways.

8. Consult a pest control company.

While the steps mentioned above may help decrease the number of pests in your home, you cannot remove them completely without the assistance of a professional.

Let a trusted local pest control in Collingwood help you eliminate these pests and protect you and your family’s safety.

A proactive strategy backed by effective solutions may keep pests from becoming a hindrance to having a comfortable house to live in. Preventing and controlling pests may require constant vigilance and prompt action, but it can go a long way, especially if you value having a quality home life.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.