June 19, 2024

8 Trending Bollywood Fashion Trends for Women

When it comes to upgrading our style and refreshing our wardrobes, Bollywood fashion trends serve as a great source of inspiration. We often turn to social media platforms, scrolling through countless posts of our favorite celebrities and their stylists to find the outfits that catch our attention.

Through extensive research, we have discovered that this year’s Bollywood fashion trends encompass a mix of reinvented classics and unique, out-of-the-box ideas. Whether you’re a college student, attending social outings, or working in a professional setting, incorporating these ideas into your style will ensure you stay at the top of your fashion game. Let’s explore 10 buzzing Bollywood fashion trends that are making waves among women:

Organza Sarees:

Celebrities are adorning organza sarees this festive season. Crafted from sheer fabric with a subtle yet lustrous matte finish, these sarees offer durability, comfort, and an unmatched sophistication.


Oversized hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans, and baggy pants have become wardrobe essentials for Bollywood personalities and continue to be popular this year. The airy and comfortable nature of oversized clothing makes it easy to style.

Colour Blocking:

Pairing strikingly hued pieces together is a trend that has captivated the industry’s best-dressed ladies. Embrace bold color combinations like green with orange, pink with yellow, or purple and orange for a fashionable look.

Statement Sleeves:

Bollywood believes in making a statement through clothing. Dresses, shirts, tops, and blouses with bell, flounce, bishop, ruffle, or extra-long sleeves add a spectacular and unique touch to any outfit.


The monochrome trend has found its way into the hearts of Bollywood fashionistas. From Deepika Padukone’s green-on-green sporty shoot look to Alia Bhatt’s all-white ensembles, monochromatic outfits in various styles are highly appreciated this year.

Indo-Western Fusion:

Bollywood has taken traditional outfits to a whole new level with chic Indo-Western ensembles. From silk shirts paired with embroidered lehengas to sarees adorned with crop tops and jackets, innovative ways of blending traditional and modern elements are in high demand.

Leather Pants:

Leather pants have taken over the fashion scene in 2022. Versatile and relatively easy to style, these pants have become a favorite among celebrities, as seen in their airport looks and casual outings.


Bollywood divas have embraced light, refreshing shades in every color spectrum. Mint, baby pink, powder blue, mauve, and peach are now the go-to colors for delicate and feminine ethnic garments, adding a youthful touch to your wardrobe.

These trending Bollywood fashion trends offer a perfect blend of elegance, style, and contemporary flair. By incorporating these ideas into your outfits, you’ll be ready to make a fashion statement wherever you go.

If you want to see these trends in action, check out this video featuring Shaurya Sanadhya as she recreates top Bollywood style trends on Myntra Studio.

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