May 30, 2024

6 Fun Activities for the Music Obsessed

Do you love music more than anything? Are you also looking for some new fun things to do? Luckily, for the music-obsessed, there are plenty of great activities for you to get stuck into. So whether you want a trip with your friends or something to pass the time this weekend, here are six fun activities for those who live for music. 

1: Go to a Concert

There are always concerts happening all over the world. Whatever genre you love the most whether it’s rock, metal or rap, you can easily find a great concert to enjoy. Even if you’ve never heard of an artist before, going to see some live local music is a great way to discover more artists and bands! If you feel like going to see a truly spectacular and incredible show, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is unmissable.

2: Peruse the Music Shop

If you’re just looking for a way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon, why not head over to your local music shop? You can strum on guitars, flick through new music, and see if there are any new instruments for you to try.

3: Attend an Open Mic Night

Listening to live music doesn’t always mean going to huge concerts. If you’re itching to hear some live music, head out to your local town to attend an open mic night. Sure, not everything will be to your taste, but you will meet like-minded people while enjoying a range of different music styles. If you are musically talented, you could even get on stage!

4: Write Music

Whether you like to sing, play the piano, or strum the guitar, writing music is a therapeutic and enjoyable way to spend any day. It is especially cathartic if you have emotions you want to get out into the world. So, the next time you’re feeling bored or like you want to throw yourself into some music, try writing the next best song.

5: Have a Jam Session

Do you have friends that love music just as much as you do? If so, schedule a jam session. It doesn’t matter if you’re not amazingly talented, as jam sessions are typically relaxed events that are fun for everyone.

6: Pick Up a New Record

There is something special about records. While the world now has music streaming apps that connect you to the best music in moments, clicking ‘play’ on a playlist does not have the same effect as placing a record into a turntable.

If you want to experience music in a different way, spend some time record shopping. You could even blind-buy some records that you’ve never heard of! It is a great way of discovering new music while enjoying it in a more traditional way.

These six activities are perfect for music lovers who want to do something that appeals to their favorite interests. Whether you play music or you just love listening to it, there is something for you.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.