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6 Essentials You Need to Pack For Your First Ski Trip

Prepping for YOUR first-ever trip is a challenge. But, packing for the first ski trip is as arduous as learning to snowboard without a trainer. 

Ski trips require planning and preparation beforehand since it requires travelling to places with lower temperatures. Thankfully, right here, you can get all the help you need before you head to your favourite ski shop.  

Here are the essentials you need to pack to begin your adventure:

Ski Clothing Layers

While encountering cold temperatures, you must carry enough layers to insulate the warmth of your body. From snug fitted base layers to shell covers, your bag must have crucial clothing items to keep the snowy breeze at bay. 

The three clothing must-haves for every ski-lover are moisture-wicking base layer, insulating mid-layer and waterproof outer covering or shell. 

Note: While purchasing these items, ensure that the layers carry enough pockets to store your basic self-care items like lip balms. 


Cotton is an absolute no-go when it comes to skiing trips. The right undergarments can make or break your adventurous journey from providing adequate support to ensuring comfort. 

While fancy underclothes are good for your hotel rooms, keep in mind to purchase a pair of intimate thermals made of silk or synthetic wool. The material of your underclothes decides how quickly they can dry up and offer extra warmth for maximum comfort while snowboarding. 

Socks and Gloves

If you’re scheduling extra work for your hands and feet, keeping them away from the skin-piercing cold is crucial. Being the extremities of your body, they’re the first ones to start getting cold in the notorious snowy weather. A good pair of socks and gloves will shield you from getting uncomfortable and ensure easy manoeuvrability of the skiing equipment. 

Sunscreen and SPF Chapstick

Focusing on sunscreen on your first skiing trip might be weird, but it is as crucial as the thermal layers. The piercing chilly wind combined with reflective sunrays leaves no stone unturned, damaging your skin, lips and eyes. That’s why it’s crucial to protect the exposed area of your body with a high SPF moisturising agent for skin and lips. 


Since snow is whiter than ice, the reflection of UV rays is much higher than usual at altitudes. Not only can your eyes suffer from significant damage without adequate sunlight protection, but it also leads to an unfulfilling skiing experience due to limited visibility. 

Moreover, purchasing goggles can be expensive in high altitudes as the availability is pretty scarce there. 

Neck Warmers 

A balaclava or neck warmer protects your face from wind and low temperatures during a skiing session. They’re the perfect accessory to go under your ski helmets to provide optimum coverage and protection from chilly weather. It prevents the inlet of cold winds from causing chapping or even frostbite.  

It’s essential that you buy neck warmers made out of fleece or synthetic material to ensure enhanced insulation and higher protection. 

As a newbie, the battle of packing this and leaving that can be excruciating. You don’t always have an option to consult an expert snowboarder to pick suitable items from a ski shop. 

You don’t need to worry about finding a friend of a friend for packing light and right anymore. With the pre-made list of essential items, all you need to do now is ski away! 

Pooja Ranavat

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