5 most wonderful treks in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking and Himachal Pradesh have an eternal connection, and that’s what makes the transcending state a lucrative trekking destination. Residing amidst the astounding Himalayan ranges, Himachal has numerous outrageous destinations to attract trekkers.

The specialty of trekking in Himachal is that none of the trekking routes showcase the rigidity and the naked impression of the mountain terrains. Instead, the blissful, lush greenery of the Himachal trekking routes will leave you spellbound.

If the mountain calls you always and you’re a passionate trekker, you can’t rule out Himachal Pradesh from your trekking bucket list. Aren’t you sure about the best Himachal trekking routes? This article will introduce you to the top trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh every trekker craves for.

Malana Village Trek

The magnificent Malana village is one of the most-loved trekking destinations for tourists and trekkers. Usually, Himachal packages don’t include Malana Village treks, and tourists need to add this activity separately to their tour packages.

Arranging a trek to the Malana village might cost you some extra bucks, but the marvelous attire of the village is worth it. Being located in the Parvati Valley, near the Deo Tibba peak, Malana is a remote village that offers some incredible visuals of the mighty Himalayas.

Malana is the best destination to explore the mountain lifestyle and culture of Himachal Pradesh. Alongside, residing in the tranquil ambiance of the mountain village will rejuvenate your soul and refresh your mind.

Nothing can be more pleasant than looking at the snow-covered mountain valleys from a mountain village located at the height of 9500 feet. Malana brings that opportunity to you. Also, you get the chance to explore the gorgeous streams and waterfalls nearby the small mountain village to comfort your eyes.

Triund Trek

If you’re planning to have a comfortable trekking experience, there’s nothing better than having a trek to Triund. If you’re a beginner and you’re trying to find an easy trekking route in Himachal, the Triund trek is the best option for you.

The best thing about Triund is that here you can explore the mystic Tibetan flavor. The valley remains hidden under the blanket of snow throughout the winter and becomes a visual treat in summer when the snow disappears.

Also, the local monasteries near Triund are worth visiting. You are bound to cherish the spiritual vibe and attire of the extraordinary monasteries. Most importantly, the serene ambiance of the destination will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. Away from the busy and hazardous urban life, this splendid destination will replenish positivity and calmness in your inner soul. So, don’t exclude the Triund trek while planning your Himachal trip.

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is an appropriate definition of the perfect landscape. From the alluring meadows to the rhododendron forests, everything in Hampta Pass defines perfection. Despite being located at the height of approximately 3000 feet, Hampta Pass offers alluring scenic views to impress tourists and trekkers.

The trekking route consists of astonishing glaciers that are worth exploring. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the breathtaking Himalayas throughout your trek. The wide variety of flowers, herbs, and fauna make the trekking route more scenic and startling.

You can also organize photoshoot sessions in the mesh green valleys of the Hampta Pass to make your trek everlasting in your memory. The amazing mountain lakes and waterfalls of Hampta Pass will not fail to take away your speech. So, if you’re a beginner, don’t opt for other trekking routes except for this one.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

It will be a great miss if you fail to explore Bhrigu Lake during your Himachal trip. Considered as one of the highest lakes in India, Bhrigu Lake is every trek lover’s attraction. This stunning lake is located nearby Rohtang Pass, and its unexplainable beauty is worth visiting.

On your way to Bhrigu Lake, you can witness the spectacular beauty of Himachal Pradesh at every step. As you reach your destination, the mountaintop lake will blow your mind for sure. This region will introduce you to the rigid elegance of the Himalayas. Unlike other trekking routes in the Himalayas, there’s no village or community nearby this remote lake.

Rohtang Pass can be considered as the landmark for this outrageous lake. On your way, you will be startled to explore the pleasing variety of orchids, ferns, and other plants. No need to specify that this destination must be there in your priority list when you’re having a trip to Himachal.

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Indrahar Pass Trek

Though this mountain pass is not as famous as the Rohtang pass and other passes in Himachal, it’s still an attractive destination to explore. The mind-blowing pass is located in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges.

The fantastic beauty of the pass will impress you for sure. As cool as a cucumber, Indrahar Pass allows you to enjoy being closer to nature in solitude. This pass doesn’t receive too many visitors and remains calm and peaceful most of the time throughout the year. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas closely without disturbances, Indrahar Pass is the best trekking destination for you indeed.

These are the best trekking destinations in Himachal that you must try once in your lifetime. All of these trekking routes are captivating and charming in their own ways. So, select your favorite route and set your way towards the exciting destination.

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