June 18, 2024

5 Benefits of Getting a Six Sigma Certification

If you’re failing to move forward in your career, it may be time to get a new certification.

Getting certified in Six Sigma can help immensely when it comes to improving your career and can provide a lot of value to the company you work for. Professionals who have earned a Six Sigma certification at the master black belt level earn an average of $127,000.

Here are some of the main reasons you should get a Six Sigma certification

What Is a Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma is a management philosophy that can be used to improve a company’s efficiency. It is primarily used to spot errors and defects in business processes and to overcome them with the help of data-driven reviews and statistical modeling.

Getting certified in Six Sigma is an impressive feat and individuals who have earned a certification are in high demand.

There are various levels and types of Six Sigma certifications. These include white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt levels. Each of these levels builds on the last and will add a deeper understanding of the Six Sigma philosophy.

Getting green belt training, for example, will educate you on advanced analysis techniques and skills for resolving quality problems. Those with the certification will have proven that they’re able to lead projects and provide data analysis and collection assistance to Six Sigma black belts.

Top Six Sigma Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming Six Sigma verified. Here are some of the main ones that you should know about.

1. Reduce Errors Quickly

By getting a Six Sigma certification, you’ll learn to spot and reduce errors quickly. You’ll gain an increased dedication to quality and will learn to ensure that processes are optimized.

In production, fewer product errors and defects will also lead to less legal risk for your company.

2. Streamline Processes

Getting a Six Sigma certification can also help increase efficiency and productivity and will reduce waste in an organization.

Six Sigma management techniques can help streamline processes. As an individual who knows these techniques, you can help increase productivity and will become a great asset to your company.

3. Maintain Compliance

Six Sigma training also helps companies to meet compliance standards.

Companies with Six Sigma trainers will gain a higher focus on quality. This can help companies ensure that they fulfill contracts and maintain compliance with all local, national and international requirements.

4. Increase Professional Value

When you get a Six Sigma certification, you’ll prove that you can provide significant value to your company.

Helping to improve efficiency, eliminating errors, and quickly resolving quality control issues are just a few of the ways that you’ll improve your organization. You’ll prove to your employer that you can help streamline processes and increase revenue.

5. Get a Higher Salary

Because you’ll be more in demand as an individual getting a Six Sigma certification, you’ll also be able to get a higher salary as well.

Professionals who are Six Sigma certified will typically get a significant salary increase. Those with full Six Sigma Certification often make over $100,000.

Final Thoughts

While there are many professional certifications that you can get, a Six Sigma certification is one of the best options. If you want to prove your worth to your employer and help your organization reach a new level of efficiency and quality, getting a Six Sigma certification can be well worth it.

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