July 14, 2024
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10 Benefits of Using Herbal Beauty Products

Is your vanity bag cluttered with a lot of skincare products? Do you also follow a rigorous skincare regimen? But, has it done nothing much to relieve your skin issues like acne, pigmentation, scarring, etc?

Think again. Is your hoarded skincare kit really worth it?

Skin issues are a sign of unhealthy body & hormonal imbalance but this is not always the case. Another culprit of your escalating skin issues could be your favorite face wash or your dear night cream. Synthetic skincare products are loaded with toxic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, and a combination of various harmful chemicals.

Do your skin a favor and turn to herbal beauty products. India has a rich heritage of herbs and rightfully so. Herbal cosmetics are made with indigenous ingredients that are safe for your delicate skin. Plus, you will find a lot of native Indian brands that formulate herbal skincare products. It is a win-win situation!

Why Ditch Commercial Beauty Products?

Before we dive into the benefits of using herbal beauty products, let’s throw some light on why you should break away from Synthetic Beauty products.

A major reason for women’s hormonal issues

Commercial beauty products are brimmed with dangerous toxins like heavy metals, phthalates, and preservatives that are linked to hormonal imbalance, fertility issues, raging acne, cancer, etc. 

You are absorbing 2.5 kg of chemicals a year

Every time you give yourself a pampering massage with your skincare product, some amount of it flows into your bloodstream. No doubt, this is why your acne is still prevailing.

Using chemicals on skin is worse than consuming them

When we eat anything, the enzymes in our saliva and stomach help break down the chemicals and flush them out of our system. However, when we apply chemicals to our skin, they are absorbed straight into the bloodstream with no way out.

Benefits of Using Herbal Beauty Products

Now that we have scared you enough to listen to reason, it’s time to highlight why it is best for you and your skin to switch to herbal products.

They are 100% Safe for your skin

As the name suggests, herbal skincare products are made with natural herbs that are 100% safe for your skin and possess no potential damage. They are also safe for highly sensitive skin & would not break you out.

They are derived from Mother Nature

Since herbal products are made from herbs, they are essentially filled with the goodness of Nature. They are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and are made without harmful chemicals. Your skin will thank you, trust us.

You are safe from cancer

Since no chemicals are being absorbed by your skin, you are free from the danger of cancer, hormonal imbalance, and also your worst nightmare – acne.

No risk of allergies

Do you know what ingredients you might be allergic to? There’s no way you can know how many ingredients you are allergic to, but there would be more than a dozen. These ingredients trigger your allergies without you even knowing about them. Herbal beauty products are safe from chemical ingredients and also save you from severe allergic reactions.

The answer to naturally healthy skin

You could be following a 10 step Korean skincare routine but your skin isn’t close to being radiant. The problem isn’t your skin, it’s the ingredients. Regular use of herbal skincare products can get rid of your skin concerns and give you healthy glowing skin.

Cost-effective and could be homemade

Herbal beauty products are lesser expensive than synthetic beauty products as they have lesser ingredients and preservatives. The best part? You can easily make them at home.

Therapeutic in nature

Herbal products are therapeutic in nature and could be your best partners for a good night’s sleep. One more reason to give yourself a relaxing face massage before sleep.

They are destined to give you results

Your skin allergies and concerns could take weeks to vanish. And honestly, when your skin has been punished for years with harmful chemicals, give it some time to heal. Herbal beauty products give natural and sustained results when used regularly.

Your next DIY project

DIY projects are great to give yourself some creativity boost. Making some amazing skin and hair care products at home could prove to be your next favorite hobby.

 Gentle on your skin

Finally, unlike commercial beauty products, herbal skincare products are gentle on your skin and highly effective.

Do you need more reasons to save your skin? De-clutter your vanity now and choose nature. You will see results, we promise.