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What is a 0/0.5 Handicap? How to read and play the standard 0/0.5 handicap

The 0/0.5 handicap is not a concept that everyone understands, while this is an extremely popular type of handicap at the bookies. Almost every football tournament has a handicap on the scoreboard and is chosen by many players. Therefore, you should firmly grasp the definition as well as how to read and how to play 0/0.5 to increase your chances of earning more income on 20Bet.

What is a 0/0.5 Handicap?

What is the 0/0.5 handicap or 0-0.5 handicap that many new players are interested in learning? This type of bet belongs to the handicap, also known as the Asian handicap, which is quite easy to play and easy to win. Handicap 0/0.5 is also known as the left-hand half, denoted ¼ or 0.25. The number 0/0.5 or 0-0.5 is the symbol used on the house edge table that you need to remember clearly.

According to those who regularly check the odds, bets on the left half of the ball appear very often. 

When placing a handicap bet, it means that you must understand that the upper hand handicap team is 0.5 left. As for the results, it is not necessary that the top team will win, because football is a sport full of surprises. There have been many cases where the bottom team has won with an amazing score despite being rated weaker.

What is the 0/0.5 handicap rule?

In a table of odds for the upcoming match, the reputable bookie will give full information about the two participating teams and choose which is the upper door and which is the lower door. Players have the right to place money on either team. There are two cases when you play handicap 0-0.5 as follows:

  • If you bet on a winner, you win your entire bet if the top team wins. You lose your entire bet if the underdog wins. You will lose half your bet if the two teams tie.
  • If you bet under, you win your entire bet if the underdog wins. You lose your entire bet if the top team wins. You will get half your bet back if the two teams tie.

As a smart player, you need to know which option to choose in this upcoming match. The top team will not always have the upper hand and definitely win. On the contrary, if the bottom team has the basis to get better results, you can completely choose this route to eat your winnings.

When should you play handicap 0/0.5?

In addition to understanding what the 0/0.5 handicap is, you also need to know when to play this type of handicap. Not every match has a half-left match. But if you see this ratio appear, it means that this match has two teams with no big difference in strength.

The two participating teams can either be at the bottom or at the top. However, according to experience, the ¼ bet often appears in the match between the two top teams below. With the match between the two top teams, the bookie will prioritize the odds of 1 ¾, 2 ¾. With that, the new bet becomes attractive and thrilling, unpredictable.

With two teams at the bottom, predicting the actual result will be a bit difficult. Because if you only take a quick look, it will be difficult for you to get the necessary and important information to consider which team will win. So, when you come across this bet, carefully look for news about both teams. Whichever side has a stronger winning base, you should choose.

How to Play a 0/0.5 Handicap Game

Although it is an easy bet to play, if you are too subjective, you can easily lose your bet. So, to help you get the most suitable choice, we will offer the following standard 0-0.5 betting suggestions: Choose the home team river

Between two teams of equal strength, the competition will depend on psychological factors. The home team often has an advantage because of its familiarity with the field and the support of the home audience. Because of that, the players will become more excited and comfortable, and the winning rate will also increase.

Team Analysis

To have a good game with lots of goals scored, the squads of both participating clubs and countries must be good. So, if you don’t know what the 0/0.5 handicap is, you can go in this direction. Squad analysis allows you to know which team has the upper hand and can win.

Above is the information on what the 0/0.5 handicap is and how to play the correct handicap. In addition, in the Asian market, there will be many other odds that you need to remember. We recommend that you learn all about these bets to get the best odds when betting and predicting the score. We wish you success after only a few bets and hope you accumulate more valuable lessons for the next time you play.

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