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What are the Trends in Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery, especially recently, has become very popular. There are many sub-categories in plastic surgery, which is among the aesthetic surgery applications. In particular, women benefit from the plastic applications to get rid of the insecurities on their bodies. But what exactly is plastic surgery? What are the trends in plastic surgery?

What is Plastic Surgery, Why Is It Popular?

Plastic surgeries are aesthetic interventions performed for the purpose of eliminating deformations on the body and correcting contours and transitions. Many people make it possible to remove the imperfections on the body by making use of aesthetic operations for various parts of their body. In general, it is seen that aesthetic operations are used due to aesthetic concerns.

5 Trends in Plastic Surgery!

Although there are many sub-categories of plastic surgery, some of the trending applications are standing out. These include tummy tuck, maternity, vagina, intra-leg stretching and arm stretching surgeries. Some of these procedures require surgical intervention, while others are performed without any surgery. Here are 5 trends in plastic surgery! Please visit the website for liposuction turkey prices.

1. Tummy Tuck 

Abdominal Lift operations, which is performed to prevent fat and sagging in the abdomen, is one of the body enhancement applications that have been in demand recently. The application, which is performed with surgical intervention, generally takes 3-4 hours. If necessary, liposuction can also be performed in addition to Tummy Tuck operation.

Surgical operation, which attracts attention by both men and women, is mostly preferred for different purposes. It is seen that men who want to lose weight in a short time benefit from Tummy Tuck operations. This operation, which enables the shaping of the abdomen, supports individuals to achieve the appearance they want.

2. Maternity Operations

Another aesthetic application that attracts attention by women is Maternity operations. The aesthetic application, which is preferred to restore the lost form of the body after childbirth, attracts the attention of many women. Within the scope of Maternity operations abdomen, breast, waist and hip regions are corrected with complicated operations.

Most postpartum women feel psychologically unhappy because of the shape their body takes. This situation increases the interest in Maternity operation practices, which support the restoration of the lost form of the body. Within the scope of the application, breasts can be enlarged or reduced.

In the abdominal region, applications such as tummy tuck and liposuction are used. In the waist area, many applications can be made, especially the liposhaping technique and the removal of fat from the back. Each application basically aims to restore the old shape of the body.

3. Vagina Operations

Vaginal Operations, which are performed in order to eliminate the problems experienced in the vagina area, is one of the aesthetic applications that many women are interested in. Vagina Operations is done to reduce the looseness of the vaginal tissue or to increase sexual pleasure. This application, which is carried out quite easily, also provides relief from the psychological problems women experience due to their vaginas.

4. Intra-Leg Stretch

Intra-leg Stretching is another aesthetic application preferred by women. As many know, aging causes the skin of the legs to loosen. In addition, frequent weight gain and loss, loss of elasticity in the skin and gravity can also cause the leg skin to loosen and sag. Each of these situations can cause individuals to feel psychologically bad.

Intra-leg Stretching application provides a much tighter appearance to the sagging leg skin. The application performed after certain procedures contributes to the leg part to look much more fit and tight.

5. Arm Lift Surgery

Arm Lift Surgery, which is mostly preferred by women, prevents sagging in the arms. Mostly, excessive weight gain and loss causes sagging in the arm parts. Apart from this, many reasons may cause the need for arm lift surgery. Get more information from

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