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Unique Office Supplies: Boosting Productivity with Style

Are you tirelessly scanning the web for quirky yet practical ways to amplify your work life or give your rockstar team the boost they need? Maybe you’ve gone fully remote, and you’re seeking to create a haven of efficiency right from your home office? If this rings true for you, then it’s high time we explored a treasure trove of unique office supplies designed to catapult your productivity.

While some of these items may seem out-of-the-box, they offer a wealth of benefits like skyrocketing productivity, curbing the spread of germs in the office, and adding a dash of character to your workspace.

So, here’s an exciting guide listing some of the coolest, most inventive desk supplies to invigorate your workspace or reward your hardworking team.

Antimicrobial Paper

Yes, my friend, you didn’t misread that! Antimicrobial paper is not only real but an absolute game-changer for your office setting.

In the seemingly innocent exchange of paperwork, lies a battlefield of microbes, with your entire workforce at risk from a single sickly colleague passing a document. Harsh but true.

That’s where the superhero of papers swoops in – the antimicrobial paper. Its manufacturing process involves infusing antimicrobial properties deep into the paper fibers, instead of merely coating the surface. This results in a powerful protective shield, ensuring the safety of you and your staff.

This not-so-average paper can significantly curb harmful bacteria spread, adding a luxurious aura to your brand, while offering a unique texture and appearance to your marketing tools. Clients will be in awe, guaranteed!

This paper shines particularly in areas prone to illnesses like clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, hospitals, and so on. Just be sure to put your trust in a reliable brand for your antimicrobial paper needs. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Secret Book Safe

No, this isn’t a safekeeping sanctuary for your books. It’s something far more ingenious. It’s a safe disguised as a book, designed to safeguard your valuables during your work hours.

When closed, it seamlessly blends in with the other books on your desk or bookshelf. Open it, and voila, a snug space carved out of the pages awaits your phone, keys, USB drive, or other precious items. To top it off, most of these stealthy safes come with a padded area to cushion your valuables in case of accidental drops.

Now, before you dismiss this as overkill, let me drop a disturbing stat – three out of four employees have admitted to stealing from their employers. A sobering reminder that office theft is all too real.

Consider this book safe as a fortress for your valuables while you’re away from your desk attending meetings, refilling your coffee, or catching up with colleagues.

Memo Tablet

Need a stylish aide-mémoire for your daily tasks? Or a creative way to share a daily dose of inspiration with your team or clients?

Enter the memo tablet, a delightful and original office addition, designed to ensure your goals aren’t just a wish list. Believe it or not, simply jotting down a goal can increase its chance of completion by a whopping 42%!

These nifty tablets come in various materials, sizes, and colors. Like the glass dry erase memo tablet from Anthropologie. It’s not only pleasing to the eye but also adds a touch of elegance to your workspace.

Mini Dust Cleaner

There’s a unique creative freedom that comes with sketching ideas on paper, knowing any mistakes can be easily erased. But the pesky eraser dust left behind? That’s another story.

Here’s where a mini dust cleaner becomes your new best friend. Just roll it over the eraser remnants, and it gobbles them up in an instant. No more fussing about, it’s back to creating your masterpiece in a jiffy!


Most employees only have a desk to call their workspace. No cubicles, no additional storage. Just the top of their desk and a few drawers. Sounds familiar?

Investing in some stylish bookends can be a game-changer. They allow you to stack your books and folders upright, saving precious desk real estate and keeping you organized. Plus, they ensure your frequently used items are always within an arm’s reach.

It’s Time to Jazz Up Your Workspace with These Unique Office Supplies

Now that you’ve discovered these amazing and unique office supplies, it’s time to sprinkle some magic on your workspace. Whether it’s a birthday, work anniversary, or a self-love gift, these gadgets make for fantastic presents.

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