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Transform Your Office Space with Velcro Tape

Velcro tape can transform your office space! You can use this tape to organise your environment and create a productive workspace that helps you complete tasks to the best of your ability.

You can take control of your workplace by understanding how best to use Velcro tape. Whether you’re working in house or in a home office space, Velcro tape can be a useful resource, even offering a range of productivity benefits. 

How can you use Velcro tape to transform your space and improve its functionality? Try using Velcro for these tasks.

What is Velcro tape?

Velcro tape is simple and easy to use. It is versatile and can be applied across various projects, tasks, and environments.

Typically, Velcro tape features two adhesive sides: a hook and loop sides. When pressed together, the sides will stick, binding effectively without traditional glues or tapes.

Velcro tape offers many benefits. It is sturdy and reliable, easy to use, and apply in almost any space. Tape can even be removable, allowing you to redesign your spaces as you see fit.

Hang Pictures

Often, Velcro tape is used to hang pictures on a wall or another surface. This is a sturdy and reliable way to hang pictures while ensuring they are still easily removable if you rent or like to change pictures frequently.

In order to hang pictures using Velcro, all you need to do is adhere Velcro tape to the surface you’re working with and stick the opposite side of the tape to the picture you want to hang. Ensure that hooks appear on one surface and loops on the other.

For the best results, it’s usually best to allow tape to set in place before hanging anything heavy off of it. Let tape rest for up to 24 hours before placing your picture on the wall.

Organise Cables

Velcro tape can also be used to manage and organise cables in an office environment. This can help you avoid confusion and tangled cords that may cause a tripping or electrical hazard if not stored correctly.

You only need to apply adhesive Velcro tape to bundle cables together. This will prevent cables from tangling and getting mixed up with one another. If desired, you can even colour code Velcro tape to differentiate between cables.

When organising cables, it’s important to do so safely. Before with anything electrical, ensure that cords and wires are not connected to an active power source.

Fix Rugs

In an office environment, Velcro tape can also fix fabrics in place. You might use Velcro dots or strips to place rugs or curtains in a certain position so that they do not move out of place.

To do this, you’ll need to fix opposite strips of Velcro tape to the underside of a rug and to the ground where you want it to sit. Then you’ll need to align the strips and press them in place.

If you incorrectly place your tape, don’t panic. You can remove Velcro tape and try again until you find placement that works for you.

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