July 19, 2024

Pankaj Tripathi Net Worth 2023

Name:Pankaj Tripathi
Born:September 5, 1976
Net Worth 2023:48 Crore Indian Rupees ($6 million)

Early Life and Background:

Pankaj Tripathi was born on September 5, 1976, in Belsand, Gopalganj town, Bihar, India. He emerged from a Sanatani Hindu Brahmin family as the youngest of four children to Pandit Benares Tripathi and Hemwanti Tripathi. While his father was a lower-class farmer and priest, his mother, Hemavanti, held the mantle as a certified teacher and, for a period, the primary breadwinner for their household.

Career in Acting:

After graduating from the National School of Drama in 2004, Tripathi ventured into the world of cinema in Mumbai. Starting with roles in movies like “Run” and “Omkara” in 2004, his talent and versatility have since led him to over 60 films and 60 TV shows. His pivotal breakthrough came in 2012 with “Gangs of Wasseypur”. Movies like “Masaan”, “Newton”, “Stree”, “Mimi”, and “Ludo” have further solidified his position as one of the top actors in India. Additionally, his web series contributions, particularly in “Criminal Justice” and “Mirzapur”, have been noteworthy.

Business Ventures and Endorsements:

Tripathi’s success isn’t restricted to acting. In 2023, his net worth soared to an impressive $6 million or 48 crores in Indian rupees. This wealth accumulation is a result of his acting assignments, brand endorsements, and various business endeavors. He has successfully endorsed major brands like Amazon, Tata Motors, and OnePlus. Apart from his roles on screen, Tripathi has ventured into businesses like restaurants and clothing lines, showing his acumen as a businessman.

Accolades and Achievements:

Over the years, Pankaj has received various awards and nominations. One of his most notable accolades was the Hitlist OTT Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Gunjan Saxena the Kargil Girl” in 2021. His 2017 film, “Newton”, represented India with a nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film, showcasing his consistent contribution to high-quality cinema.


Pankaj Tripathi stands as an epitome of dedication, talent, and versatility in the Indian film industry. With numerous upcoming projects and expanding business ventures, his legacy is set to grow even further in the years to come.

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