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How To Evade the Menace of Fake Reviews While Looking for Data Science Training?

Reviews are the most prominent and reliable first-hand account of a user, student or client. These pieces are written with the sole purpose of conveying the user experiences and helping a potential buyer while making an investment decision. But unfortunately, in these most tumultuous of times, the reviews are not as reliable as before. The faking of reviews have grown into an industry and the bad effects of the same are becoming increasingly menacing. The menace of fake reviews are lurking all over the internet and are very successful in drawing attention and investments, doomed to go in vain. Thus a student looking forward to enrolling in a promising data science course must be aware of evading the fake review fiasco in order to do justice with their investment. This article will try to point out the salient features of a fake review and help the reader steer clear of the way of fraudulence.


A fake review is written for the sole purpose of glorifying an institute, a product or a service. Thus understandably these reviews are expected to be biased. Alongside being biased a fake review can seek help from wrong and fraudulent sources of information in order to justify their claim. A biased review can be a genuine one, but a careful investigation must be undertaken before reaching such conclusions. 

Use of unnecessary rhetoric

The use of random circumstances and situations in order to help establish the background is nothing new among fake review manufacturers. For example, a fake data science course glorifying review can pull up an incident from the student’s life and establish it as the turning point after which the student took up studies with a particular course. In addition to that, a fake review can bring up characters and seemingly unrelated events in order to make a point. These reviews must be avoided at all costs.

Grammar and punctuation

A fake review is mostly a run off the mill review written with little to no care and can be even copied with minor edits. Thus a fake review is likely to have a lot of grammar and silly errors that can attract the reader’s eye quickly. These reviews with bad grammar, random punctuation and hilarious spelling mistakes must be avoided at all costs. And if one is spotted it is wise to flag it for saving the buyers visiting next.


If a fake review is successfully evaded, a student might reach the ideal destination. institutes with an acumen to help the students better than the most and willingness to be transparent should be the most preferred. Alongside transparency, an institute should keep open all the provisions necessary for conducting effective investigations. A quick search with Analytixlabs Gurgaon reviews can reveal the longest standing and most reliable institute of the country and their approach towards reviews. Analytixlabs has been offering remarkable courses and delivering the promises since 2011 and can be trusted with hard-earned money as the investments are seen to fulfill their intent. 

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