July 19, 2024
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How to choose Bolster cushions?

Have you been into yoga practice for a long time? Well, now that you have started. You will definitely find the need for bolster cushions. This is because there are times when we find it very challenging to be in a definite posture. It can become uncomfortable, and hence using the bolster cushions can be a great choice for you to improve the posture and enjoy more benefits of yoga. 

The yoga blocks or the yoga bolsters have been exclusively designed for the practitioners to offer their bodies the support that they need when they perform different postures. These are the prop that can help you to reap the ultimate advantages of practising yoga – as unless you do it right; you are not doing anything. 

However, if you are new and you are just starting, you might find a range of benefits on this page that can be helpful for you.

Define Yoga Bolsters

These are the special pillows that are known for their firmness. This can be a good choice for people to acquire the support that they need while practising yoga. There are a lot of reasons for using bolster cushions by people, and one of the most common is to make practice comfortable and easy. With the help of these pillows, you will be able to perform the positions and stretches more easily than ever. 

As the pillow works by offering the padding in between the hard floor and body, it ensures being comfortable and able to perform the range of yoga postures without any issues. Even you can perform the intermediate level of yoga and enjoy the akarna dhanurasana benefits.

Things to check while buying

There are endless choices of bolster cushions available in the market, and thus it becomes a challenge to choose one. You have to keep in mind a lot of other factors while you are choosing these bolster cushions. Remember that different cushions have different uses, and therefore you have to make sure about checking the features before choosing. 

So without any further ado, let us check-in details:

Shape and size of the bolster cushions

This is the first most important thing that you definitely need to check when you are looking for yoga bolsters. You must know about the shape and size that would go with your needs. You must know that these bolsters are available in a range of shapes and styles and therefore you must know your needs before you choose, 

Cylindrical pillows are said to be one of the best choices as it goes with your height. This way, these pillows can support your entire body and ensure that you are able to enjoy the full range of benefits of the bolster cushions. However, make sure that you are not choosing something that is too large or too small from your height and weight.

Materials used in the cushions

This is the next most important thing that you should never skip checking. You are likely to use the covers for your cushions, but you should also know the quality of fabric that the manufacturers are using for the products. Remember that there is a range of materials found which might be allergic to your skin. Apart from the above fabrics, you should also not skip checking the materials available inside. 

Most of the time, foam and polyester are used, which is not considered a healthy choice; However, if you choose buckwheat filling, it can be a healthier choice. These things offer your bolster cushions the capability to hold your weight and firmness to practice. You can find some of these quality bolster cushions in MatsHut as they believe in offering healthy options to their customers.

Pattern and Style

There is no doubt that the style and pattern of the yoga bolster really do matter. Thus, you should always give preferences to what you need to find the motivation to practice every time. Even when it is nowhere related to your practice, it can offer the zeal that you need every day to practice yoga.

Bottom Line: So now that you have known the things that you must consider while choosing bolster cushions online, you should not wait any further. Own one of these today from MatsHut and keep practising to enjoy the benefits of yoga.


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