June 25, 2024
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How Parents Can Get Support When Potty Training Their Kids

All parents know how important it is to instill a good understanding of hygiene in their kids, especially since kids are naturally curious and love to eat things that may or may not be healthy for them. This extends to their bathroom habits, as when you’re potty training them, you’re finally giving them the independence to manage their hygiene themselves instead of wearing diapers, and that’s why you may need some support to make sure you’re as successful as possible.

1. Consult With Doctors

Children are very fragile, and because they’re developing, they may have weakened immune systems or genetic issues that are masked because they’re getting sick with the cold so often, and these hidden medical issues can extend to the bathroom. If you’re finding that your child won’t cooperate and has significant issues using the bathroom, it may be best to consult a pediatrician or a child psychologist to first find out how your child feels about the bathroom and whether or not you’ve placed too much pressure on them, or if the cause of the issue is more pathological, arising from genetic abnormalities or a disease like Rotavirus which causes intense diarrhea.  

2. Use Specialized Equipment

Getting special equipment is integral if you’re going to be working with your child to make sure they’re able to use the bathroom comfortably. Since the toilet bowl may be too big for your mini-sized human to use comfortably, comfort is the most important thing that you should have in your mind, since, the more comfortable and safe your child feels during the process of training, the better they’ll respond. Specialized equipment that significantly helps in the process of potty training includes special guides, toilet cleaners, soap dispensers, clothing that comes off easily, and, most importantly, an elevated kid’s potty seat, which you can use to make sure your kid doesn’t slip or fall while going about their business. 

3. Involve a Specialist

Getting a potty training specialist may be the best decision you make in your quest to give your child the best potty training possible because every kid’s mindset is different, especially since the concept of using the bathroom and cleaning up after yourself is so alien to them at this point in their lives. A specialist will help your kid perform better in the bathroom, eliminating stress and providing the expertise they’ve gotten through years of working with other kids to create a safe environment in which your child can learn their hygiene.

4. Talk to Friends and Family

Parents can get a lot of help with potty training by talking to their friends and family because when you share your experiences with people who have already gone through it, they can give you practical advice and support. Friends and family might share tips that worked for them and offer encouragement based on their own experiences. Whether it’s a casual chat or a more detailed conversation, getting advice from people you know can make potty training less challenging and the support from loved ones not only helps with practical strategies but also provides emotional strength for parents as they go through this important stage with their kids.

5. Use Books and Apps for More Resources 

Parents can get a lot of help with potty training by using books and online resources. There are many parenting books written on the subject that describe common issues kids have and how you can address them and also provide step-by-step guides and expert advice. Additionally, there are apps designed specifically for potty training that serve as handy tools with features like reminders and progress tracking which makes it easier for both parents and children by setting a routine and providing encouragement. Above all else, it’s important to remember to be patient and put your child’s needs before your own. 


Potty training is an incredibly important and careful process since the things you teach your child will be lessons they’ll remember forever, and introducing the basic elements of hygiene and learning how to use the bathroom is crucial for life. While this can be easier said than done in many cases, it’s still possible to get some support and teach your child how to use the bathroom with the help of experts, avoiding messes and setbacks in the process of potty training. 

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