July 14, 2024

How Hiring Managers Decide on Candidates

If you can get into the mindset of a hiring manager, it is much more likely that you are going to be able to create the type of job application that gets them to sit up and take notice. So, let’s go through a few of the factors that can lead them to make up their minds.

Well Designed and Structured Resume

First, they will look at the resume to work out whether it is well designed and structured enough to make them want to look in more detail. To make this whole process a lot easier, you have the option of using a resume builder. Ultimately, you want to make generic your enemy. Otherwise, you are seriously going to struggle to make the type of impact that you are looking to make.

Years of Experience

Next up on the list, hiring managers are going to have a look at the years of experience that you have to boast. However, if this is a new job role and you have not built up the experience in previous positions, you certainly need to look closer at what other sort of experience you can showcase to them. Hiring managers want to know that you have taken the time to build up the necessary skills to achieve success.

History of Promotion

If you have been elevated up through the ranks in previous job roles, it is going to be much more likely that you have something to offer to them. With this in mind, you should make sure that you highlight any previous promotions as a point of core consideration. The better you highlight this fact, the more you will stand out. If you have not been promoted, you can always highlight the increased levels of responsibility that have been entrusted to you.

Match to the Skillset and Criteria

You also need to show how well you can match the specific skillset and criteria that have been set out in the job description. This way, you will be able to demonstrate that you have made an effort in your application, and you have not simply copied and pasted it across. You should be showcasing this in both your resume and your cover letter.

Facts and Figures

A hiring manager will have seen the key terms time and time again, such as ‘great team player’, but if you can show them some real facts and figures that they can sink their teeth into, this can help you out and leave you in a position in which you have one up on your competition straight away.

By knowing more about what the hiring managers are looking for, you are certainly going to be able to put yourself in a position in which you are much more likely to land the job roles that you are seeking. So, tick off each of these on your next application, and you’ll be putting yourself in a strong position to get the role you’re looking for.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.