July 19, 2024
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Gym Fashion – What to Wear to the Gym

If you have decided you need to join a gym to get fit, or you have discovered some classes you want to join, you might be thinking about what is fashionable in gym wear nowadays. The truth is some trends come and go, and some hang around for longer. While you want to fit in and not stand out with your choices, there are some general guidelines in your choice of what to wear to the gym that can help you. Whether you are heading to the weights, hitting the machines or taking advantage of spin classes, there is the right clothing for your needs. As well as looking the part you need to think about factors like is it lightweight, is it breathable, and is it practical? You want gym wear that enables you to have a good workout and be able to enjoy it without being annoyed by the clothes you are wearing. Here are some tips for your visit.

Choose flexible and thin bottoms

When you are choosing for your lower half, as well as looking at the latest in gym shorts, leggings and such, also consider how flexible you need to be and opt for a thinner material that keeps you cool. Unless of course, you are heading outside for a run and then you would want something warmer. But indoors you want something where it is not heavy and does not hang and irritate you when it gets wet with sweat. When you are doing weights and have to lunge you want something that does not reveal your butt or ride up it! Chafing is also going to impact your enjoyment and success.

Loose on top is good but not too loose

When it comes to tops for your fashionable gym wear it is a bit like goldilocks, nothing too tight, but nothing too loose either! A top that is just right is one you can relax and be comfortable in but that allows you to breathe. Again a thin material is wise, and short sleeves or sleeveless help you stay cool and is less material sliding around. It is also a good idea as it prevents any restriction in your arm movements. Items that are too loose can get caught on the equipment at the gym and can cause injuries.

Invest in great underwear!

For men and women, this is important. Women need a good bra that supports them well and is comfortable, and men need underwear that is comfortable but is not too restrictive down there!

Choose the right footwear to suit your workout

Different activities have different suitable footwear, so make sure you have the right ones. Running or a lot of cardio tends to need shoes with more cushioning for example, and weight training is best done with barefoot running or weightlifting shoes.

With these tips, you can head to any modern sportswear shop and find the right gym wear for your needs and style!

Mohit Jain

Mohit Jain is the owner of WhiteLinksSEO.com and during is free time likes to write posts on various topics of his choice. He is currently reading the book 'Shoe Dog' a memoir by the creator of Nike - Phil Knight.