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Guide to Upgrade your Shoes for Men Collection Post Lockdown

Be it a crisp formal trouser-button-down-blazer outfit or a super casual tee on denim outfits, footwear always makes a key element in men’s fashion. With the clothing options being limited to a few types of pants, shirts, jackets and their combinations, shoes for men are what give a distinctive vibe to any attire and add a tinge of your personality that sets you apart from the others. Not only do the right shoes create a harmonious and balanced look, but they also have the ability to single-handedly save a failed ensemble and polish the look to perfection. 

So, all these things considered, to make sure that you’re not lagging behind in your fashion game, it is important that your shoe rack gets an upgrade every few months. Get rid of the old, crusty ones that are ancient history in fashion and replace them with pieces that are chic and up to the minute.

To help you do just that, here is a list of shoes for men that you definitely want to own:

  • Ethnic Shoes for men- In India, where countless celebrations, festivals and poojas give numerous opportunities to don traditional attires, these mojaries, kolhapuris and strappy ethnic shoes are absolute must-haves. With TPR soles and quality leather, these models are sturdy, comfortable as well as elegant all at once. Pair tan kolhapuris with kurta and pajamas for a classic and dashing trad look or slip them on with skinny jeans and an ethnic shirt for an out of box indo-western outfit. 
  • Formal boots- While the old formal shoes were certainly attractive for their time, the charm and sophistication of these newer designs of formal boots like derbies, brogues, oxfords and moccasins are unmatched. Made out of high-quality, lavish-looking, soft and breathable materials like suede and leather are available in the rich shades of maroon, brown and black, if styled well, these shoes for men will elevate even the most boring outfits and make them look striking and regal. 
  • Loafers- If loafers are an item that are absent from your footwear collection, you are missing the chance of making a lot of your attires look smart by depriving yourself of one of these beauties. Loafers, every fashion lover’s favourite pick, are easy to style, easy to slip-on laceless shoes that can be worn with absolutely any and every kind of attire. These, too, are available in the widest array of materials, including suede, pure leather, faux leather, as well as in designs fit for formal, semi-formal as well as informal occasions. 
  • Fancy casual slippers- These shoes for men having a strong build and made with long-lasting PU soles and leather covers are lightweight, a la mode and perfect for people who are always on the go. Be it a holiday out with friends or a quick run to the grocery store; these slippers will keep your feet at ease while also making you extremely charming. 

A man with good taste in shoes and a good sense of style to go with it is someone everyone admires. And to be that man, it is imperative that you keep your collection updated with the latest trends in footwear. So, visit metros shoes, take a deep dive into the world of chic footwear and fill your cart with the best ones before they run out!

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