June 18, 2024
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Durable Stone Kitchen Countertops

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design is the use of stone countertops. When you make the right choice you can get something that is very attractive but is also durable, heat and scratch resistant and suitable to prepare food on. Granite countertops Point Pleasant Beach are especially popular but there are other options, some natural and some engineered. Here is a look at granite along with marble and soapstone and their advantages and what to keep in mind as well.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops Toms River homeowners will tell you is great because granite is volcanic in nature which means that it has beautiful crystalline textures that make it highly desirable. But it is also hard and durable, and scratch and heat resistant. Because granite is formed by pressure and heat over many years there are no pieces of granite that are exactly alike. This is appealing when you want something unique, but difficult if you wanted the same granite look across several places. You can get different colors and patterns and buyers look for it so it makes your home easier to sell.

There are some things to keep in mind. It is porous so it needs a sealant and that does need to be repeated throughout its lifetime. It is a more expensive option when it comes to granite countertops Point Pleasant Beach but here are granite tiles you can use instead of slabs to reduce the cost.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

Soapstone is not something everyone is familiar with though if you remember your high school chem lab the black tables were made from soapstone. It is becoming more popular in kitchens though because it is stain-resistant and heat-resistant too. When it comes to appearance they do not come in a range of colors though. Pretty much just grays naturally and then when oiled that gets the black finish you might have come across. They are not scratch resistant but because you sand away light mars and nicks this is not a problem for some people.

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble is another popular choice among homeowners because of its elegance and attractive appearance. It is another material that increases the value of your home and many bakers suggest marble for things like pie and pastry making so it makes sense to be in as a kitchen countertop. You can get marble in a lot of different natural colors too. Something to keep in mind is that compared to granite countertops Toms River, marble is softer so it does get dinged and scratched easily. Polished marble is also porous and vulnerable to stains and etching if an acidic spill happens. It does mean it needs a regular sealant to help prevent damage and issues that affect its appearance, and over time it starts to look well-used.


Your choice in kitchen countertops depends on how many are using the kitchen, your budget, what kind of cook you are and what kind of ongoing care you want with it. Talk to your experts to help make the best choice.

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