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Discover Why You Need a Drone Photographer In Toronto

Aerial photography has existed for some time. However, the technology to allow capturing aerial shots doesn’t require shooting from a helicopter or plane today. Commercial photographers are now using drones to capture high-quality aerial photos and videos. Read on to discover why you have to hire a drone photographer when you need commercial photography in Toronto.

Unique perspective

Drone photography has the unique ability to shoot images that are impossible to capture from the ground level. Pictures and videos today are essential marketing tools for any kind of business. So, getting a commercial photographer who uses drones gives your material an edge over competitors. 

Traditional photography techniques can showcase your projects or products but not with the creative perspective of a drone. You need photos and videos with a wow factor to impress prospective clients or to entice potential investors. Industries such as real estate and property benefit greatly from drone photography with material that portrays the property from all angles. 


Despite being newer technology, drones are significantly cheaper than traditional means to capture images and videos. If you need aerial photography, you save a lot when you hire commercial photographer in Toronto who uses drones. 

The cost of hiring full-scale equipment such as a helicopter and crane to capture aerial photos is significantly higher than using a drone. Additionally, the operation cost of the aircraft includes a big team, fuel costs, and getting appropriate licenses. Fortunately, a drone is cheaper for aerial photography since a single operator can do the job. And, there is no need for a crane or aircraft.

Getting closer to the action

A drone for commercial photography allows getting close to the action you want to capture without worry about obstruction. A drone is small with remote operation. So, it can go close to whatever you want to capture unnoticed. The drone can move in all directions to allow the operator to get unique angles to capture your photos or videos.

Safer operation

The use of a helicopter makes aerial photography possible if you can manage the costs. However, some locations are unsafe for aviation, and satellite imagery can’t produce detailed images in some circumstances. 

During such scenarios, a drone  will save the day. Professional operation according to safety guidelines provides aerial photography without any hindrances. The photography team will handle your project without worrying about safety or any other related limitations.

Unobstructed access

Related to the point above, aerial photography using a drone is free from obstructions. There is no need to worry about the high altitude, trees, or buildings. Professional photographers with experience using drones will handle your project without any excuses. 

A drone is small compared to an aircraft and is operated from below while getting real-time footage wherever it goes. The operator can see obstructions to avoid and when to capture on reaching a vantage point. 

Accurate scale and proportions

Quality aerial photography should portray accurate size and proportion. Preciseness is an essential element of marketing material for projects such as:

  • Large scale construction
  • Real estate photography 
  • Military intelligence 

The preciseness of drone photography is very useful in situations where there are disputes over land and property borders. Additionally, aerial photography using a drone allows comparing features from different angles or terrain. For concerns where you have to look across an area with mountains in a single direction while the other is flat, a drone captures images without distortion. Drone photography allows comparing the variations for being side by side. 

Birds-eye view

Getting a birds-eye view through traditional methods of photography is quite challenging and very risky. Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about when you hire a photographer with knowledge of drones. Some photography needs, especially in remote settings for agriculture, environmental science, engineering, and topographical mapping, are best done with drones. 

The birds-eye view of a drone is very effective in assessing the progress of colossal construction projects. Relying on onsite visits or satellite maps can’t produce similar results. 

Location spotting 

Lastly, drone photography is beneficial when searching for a perfect location. A drone allows getting a clear view of the location space from all angles, unlike having to look at a map or walking around the venue. 

Flying a drone helps get a better sense of what the location looks like to allow brainstorming on whether the venue matches your expectations. Getting an aerial view, including hard-to-see areas, allows better planning and mapping. Additionally, drone photography makes organizing an event easier by offering an in-depth look at the venue. 

Bottom line

Commercial photography is the lifeblood of any business today. When hiring a photographer, make sure to select one who uses drones to get better quality shots.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.