June 16, 2024
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Cleanliness and Healthcare: Emergency Medical Items and Their Uses

It is not usual to end up in an emergency every day. But when caught up in such a situation, it is necessary to have some essential emergency medical items. Families with kids especially should keep a first aid box. First aid kit refills are also as significant as it is important to update them regularly since emergencies can happen at any time. So families should be prepared for such situations. 

In Australia, the first responders are always quick to react. But many life-threatening situations can occur unprecedentedly. In such circumstances, it is not advisable to wait for first responders. Besides, while giving proper emergency procedures, responders should wear their safety equipment like masks and gloves. It will help themselves and the patient from cross-contamination. So, here are some general cleanliness and emergency items and their uses:

Primary Care for Wounds

In the case of wounds, severe or minor, the first care is crucial. In Australia, even though most people know about primary care, the lack of essential items can cause problems. The initial attention for injuries will help stop the bleeding, which will be life-saving in many situations. And, several things in the first aid kits help to control bleeding, at least for some time. Moreover, in the case of minor cuts, the initial disinfestation has a significant role in minimising the risk. Small kids often get such wounds, and for them, less concentrated disinfectants are available. 

That being said, first aid kit refills must be done regularly in households with kids, as they are highly and frequently prone to injuries. Also, in the event of a severe injury, until getting to the hospital, the first responders have to control the blood loss. For this, the items in the first aid kit, such as cotton and bandages, can help. And not only cuts, but the injuries due to flame also require immediate response to lower the severity. Many ailments-type treating materials in the first aid kit are helpful in such situations. 

Personal Cleanliness and Safety Against Pathogens

Many medical items like facemasks help in unclean circumstances, and one such essential item is hand gloves. It can help avoid catching bacteria and viruses in public places. Even though most public places in Australia are kept clean, many surfaces in public areas like buses and restrooms can be filled with many kinds of pathogens. So, by touching such surfaces unknowingly, they can be transferred to the hand and then to the body. Hence, using disposable hand gloves in such areas considerably reduces the risk of getting infected with such pathogens. Moreover, face masks can reduce the risk of airborne pathogens. But it is necessary to use quality masks properly to avoid hazards. 

PPE Kit for Staff

In Australia, staff in hospitals and public areas are most affected during pandemic situations, like the one going on right now. Giving them the PPE kit will reduce their risk of being affected by bacterias and viruses. Not only in pandemic situations, but cleaning staff are also regularly interacting with the unclean surroundings. They risk their lives to serve others, so it is a must to provide proper PPE kits for them all the time. Also, in the new circumstances, the Australian government is providing medical staff with decent PPE kits.

Cleaning Products

Cleanliness is necessary to avoid the chances of getting sick. There are many pathogens on literally all surfaces people come in contact with. And using medical-grade cleaning products and sanitisers will help to avoid the chance of bacterial infection. Australian cities are adequately kept clean by the government. But even on clean surfaces, the microbes can continue to thrive. So after using shared facilities/objects, make sure to use a sanitiser. Also, use disinfectant cleaners to clean the house and clothing, as it will reduce the contamination to a great extent.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.