Budgeting 101: Upgrade your home without a huge overhaul

There is a lot to do with the money to expand in renovations at home. We know that changing the outlook of our homes gives a new fresh look to our environment. But it also costs a lot of budget from our pockets.

Thus, there are some tips we could share with you in upgrading your home without a huge overhaul.

1.         Remove bulky stuff

To create fresh air in your home, you need to make changes. But with a lot of furniture in your house, it seems impossible to achieve. Thus, the first step should be to prioritize your needed furniture. Choosing the right furniture to use will help you change your house. In addition, it also gives you more space in planning your new house design.

You may not think that removing furniture is necessary but think of some ways how it can benefit you. You may auction your old furniture and use the money to buy new accessories at home. In this method, you are striking two birds with one stone. Removing the old stuff and gaining a new one.

2.         Add new lighting

To give your home a fresh look, add different lighting. Though we often use lights outside, however, in recent years, lighting has been adapted inside our homes. It gives vibrant colors and makes a new atmosphere inside the house.

Use the color white, blue, and green to give a fresh look to your house. Use white lights on ceilings, but mostly in the inner part. Green lights are used for walls to emphasize their decoration. Blue lights are for hidden built-in furniture like TV, aquarium, etc.

You may add a chandelier to your living or dining area. You can use small chandeliers for bar sections, while big chandeliers for wide space areas like stairways.

3.         Improvised space-friendly cabinets

Built-in cabinets are now famous and can be done even without the help of interior designers. Besides being cheap, the labor is also cost-friendly. You may finish your built-in cabinet in just a few weeks of work in progress.

There are a lot of ideas that you can copy online. Some of these were specially made for small areas like condominiums and studio-type houses. You may choose your appropriate built-in cabinets according to your preferred style and place. For further ideas, you may read about textile news here!

These built-in cabinets however are usually made of wood. Thus, the need for a professional carpenter is still advisable.

4.         Add wallpaper to your walls.

Changing the outline of your walls gives a new outlook for your house. The best way in changing your house is from the walls themselves. Nowadays, since repainting may cause much labor and price, DIY wallpapers are now available in every hardware store.

Wallpapers cost cheaper and are easy to accomplish. You may choose your design by having it printed in some customized printing shops. From these designs, you can personalize each quarter in your house. Say, for example, a unique design on your teen daughter or son’s room, plant wallpapers in your living room, or a scenic wallpaper inside your master’s room. The choice of your wallpaper depends on the context of your chosen design. You may try some Online Soft Furnishing Textile Store.

5.            Get your windows to be dressed.

Windows give us sufficient sunlight rays. However, probably because of the hectic daily schedule, we often forget to change the dress of our windows.

Curtains emphasize the colors of our walls and furniture. Just like fashion, curtains of different cuts can give a different view and shape of our window panels. The combination of laces can give an extravagant look to the scenes. Just be sure that you have a couple of sets of curtains for changing styles. You may check Yorkshire Fabric Shop for more details of your choice.

6.         Landscape your lawn

Changing the appearance of your home should never be focused on the inside structure. We should also develop the outside scene. One way to make a fresh look is having a landscape.

To make a landscape, remove unnecessary plants like weeds or shrubs. If there are trees, you can make them as tree houses for children or a shade during afternoon snacks. You may add lights around trees to make them appealing at night.

A fountain can make a luxurious look but is never necessary. Instead, you may add a playground or fitness area, or just a simple trimmed lawn can suffice. Simple designs around the lawn can make necessary changes around the house.

7.         Make a comfort zone

Our home is our comfort zone. However, we can never find an area where there is peace. With this, it makes sense to create a comfort zone in your house. Just a corner of space will suffice and need not a costly renovation.

Remember that our first step is to remove bulky stuff and make our area spacious. It allows us to make our comfort zone. We can provide a small area for our reading or study sessions. We can exclude a room where we can practice our musical, dance or art talent. Or we can make a small theater for the entire family to occupy during movie time. Either of these scenes will indeed allow the family to enjoy that small comfort zone.


Our home binds our family. It gives us energy and rests for another day to come. Let us make our home dress up just like our fashion statement. Changes in the house need not cost too much of the budget. We can also work with things following our means.

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