Archangels in Bible And Their Functions

We often pray to God to fulfill our wishes and in times of distress. But He is not the only one who is handling the heavenly support service. He has his archangels to guide you and watch over you. You call on the spirit guides or angels whenever you need them.

Angels are believed to be powerful spiritual beings and messengers of God. They all work with Him to communicate with us in various ways.

The Bible recognizes different types of angels. The most mentioned angels are the archangels, who are also known as ‘watchers.’ They are found in the Abrahamic religion underlying Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Seven Archangels in the Bible

According to the Bible, there are seven archangels in the history of Christianity. Let’s shed some light on all the seven archangels and their responsibilities.

  1. Gabriel – Messenger of God

It is believed that angel Gabriel is male. However, in some non-Christian religions, Gabriel is perceived as feminine. His work is to pass messages from God. This is why his name is mentioned in different holy books. He is also closely aligned with pregnancy and child-rearing.

  1. Michael – He Who is Like God

The name of the angel Michael is mentioned in several sacred texts. He is described as the one who has great power, strength, and courage. Thus, he is treated as the patron saint of police officers. Angel Michael is often called upon for spiritual cleansing and protection. He has the power to take away your fear and doubt. 

  1. Raphael – He Who Heals

Raphael is the one who is believed to possess great healing powers. He is known to help not just humans, but all the creatures that are created by God. Believers often call upon him for better health. He has the power to heal and provide relief. He acts as a guide for those who heal others such as doctors, physicians, and nurses. He also empowers spiritual practitioners. 

  1. Uriel – Light of God

The name of Uriel is mentioned in several sacred texts. He is described as the angel who announced Noah of the great flood. He has to enlighten our minds with new epiphanies, ideas, and insights. You can seek his guidance in all your intellectual pursuits.  

  1. Raguel – Friend of God

In the book of Enoch, Raguel is described as the overseer of all angels. He is known as the friend of God. He is the one who ensures that all interactions between angels are harmonious. He is unbiased and therefore, he can bring harmony to all relationships. You can call upon him whenever you need help regarding legal matters. 

  1. Zerachiel

Zerachiel has many names. He is also known as Baruchel, Saraqael, Selaphiel, or Sariel. He is described as “God’s command”. Zerachiel is the patron of the Sacrament of Matrimony and the Archangel of God’s Judgment. In occult literature, he is often associated with Saturday and Jupiter. 

  1. Remiel

Remiel is also known as Jehudiel, Jerahmeel, or Jeremiel. The name ‘Remiel’ is roughly translated to “Thunder of God,” “Compassion of God” or “Mercy of God.†He is the Archangel of faith and hope. He is also believed to be the Archangel of dreams and the patron saint of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. He is often associated with Thursday and Saturn in the occult sects. 

Angels make a big part in Christianity. Besides the seven main archangels, they have many other angels. All of them perform tasks on earth that are assigned to them by God. You can call upon them to seek help and guidance in times of need.

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