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Top 6 Advantages of Video Security Surveillance Systems

Did your jaw just drop learning that 95% of businesses endure workplace theft? What’s more, a staggering 18% of these incidents occur within the financial industry, marking it as the sector most impacted by employee theft in terms of case count and financial loss.

While a foolproof solution to eradicate theft completely may be a long shot, it’s indeed possible to nab culprits red-handed through the lens of a video security system.

So, let’s dive right into the top 6 advantages of embracing video security surveillance.

Deterring Unwanted Break-Ins

The FBI discloses that forced entries account for a hefty 56.7% of burglaries in the U.S. Imagine a visible video security camera working as your loyal watchman, potentially curbing instances of breaking and entering at private homes, retail outlets, and commercial establishments.

With residential break-ins contributing to a worrying 65.5% of reported burglaries, installing 24-hour video home security can act as a robust shield for your family’s safety.

Safeguarding Employees & Business Owners

Regrettably, workplaces often witness episodes of harassment or other inappropriate conduct. Not to mention, the common occurrence of accidents, slips, or falls. An active video surveillance system can aid in piecing together the truth.

Given the millions lost annually to employee theft, security footage emerges as a vital safeguard for business owners, potentially unveiling internal thieves.

Boosting Public Safety

Security footage of crime attempts or successful acts is a powerful tool for law enforcement officials. Cameras mounted outside commercial establishments and retail stores could capture a range of crimes – burglary, assault, or even kidnapping.

With video evidence in hand, officials stand a better chance of identifying culprits. Video surveillance in businesses and residential areas plays an indispensable role in enhancing public safety, with the added benefit of substantiating someone’s guilt or innocence.

Lowering Insurance Premiums

Are you aware that a video security system could fetch you a 20% markdown on insurance rates? With the FBI attributing an annual property loss of $3.0 billion to burglaries, insurance companies appreciate and reward your proactive theft-prevention measures.

Providing Alarm Monitoring & Instant Alerts

While video surveillance offers round-the-clock security, its utility amplifies when it alerts you to suspicious activities. A monitored security system that promptly informs law enforcement agencies is the icing on the cake.

With high-tech security systems, you can set triggers to sound an alert upon detecting a disturbance, enabling you to watch a live feed on your phone while your alarm company alerts the police.

Reducing Dependence on Live Security

Reliable video surveillance can significantly cut down your reliance on security guards. Your cameras act as vigilant eyes and ears, capturing incidents that might slip past human attention.

Implementing Video Security: A Safety Imperative

Don’t let yourself fall prey to crime. Work, play, and rest easy with dependable video security. Not only does it safeguard you and your property, but it also comes with perks like lower insurance premiums and reduced dependence on live security personnel.

Let’s continue our journey to explore more insightful topics together!

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