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A Perfect Road Trip: Bangalore to Wayanad

The best way to take a short break is by going on a road trip. Road trips are all about packing everything you need and zooming off to your destination. A road trip with friends and family comes with lots of fun and excitement. If you are looking for a perfect then Bangalore to Wayanad is one of the most exciting road trips you can ever go on. Here is a perfect tour guide that provides you with all the details you need to know and what to expect on the road trip. 

Bangalore to Wayanad distance 

The total distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is about 350 km and it depends on the route you take. This will be a 6-7 hours long road trip because on your way you’ll pass through hilly regions where you can’t drive at high speed.  

The well-maintained toll roads by dept highways make the journey from Bangalore to Wayanad even more easy and comfortable. There are four-lane highways, well-planned service roads, and there are toll booths just 50-60 km away from each other. 

You can face challenges while driving through the narrow ghat roads. Driving in the hilly region can be a tough task with rising fog, unpredictable weather, and hindering visibility. If you are planning for a Bangalore to Wayanad road trip make sure you start early so that you can avoid driving after the sunset. 

Best routes from Bangalore to Wayanad

A way from Bangalore to Wayanad offers many scenic roads, each one making the trip more special by presenting a different travel experience. The route that takes you from Mysore- Nanjangud – Gundlupet – Sulthan Bathery passes through the beautiful Bandipur National Park, allowing you to get a glimpse of wildlife. An alternative route is from Bangalore – Kanakapura – Malavalli – Kollegal – Chamarajanagar – Gundlupet – Sulthanknath Bathery which is less trodden and more scenic. 

To the travelers looking to travel some shorter distances the Bangalore-Mysuru-Hunsur-Nagarhole-Kutta-Gonikoppal-Kutta-Kalpetta route is full of lush greenery, indeed. Whatever your choice might be, Wayanad’s road trip would give you a combination of nature’s beauty, different heights to choose from, and a rejuvenation travel experience. On your way, you’ll see a lot which will make your road trip one of the memorable ones. 

The Mysore route 

On this route, you’ll come across a few interesting sights along NH 275. The path you’ll take is Bangalore – Channapatna – Srirangapatna –  Mysore – Kattikulam – Wayanad. The total distance you’ll cover is about 324 km which will be a 7-hour drive including pit stops. 

If you want to explore the tourist spots then it might take a little longer to reach. The places which you can visit on your way are: 

  • Heritage winery
  • Barachukki falls
  • Mysore

The Coorg route

If you choose to travel via Coorg then it can take a little longer to reach Wayanad from Bangalore. But all the effort and time spent is worth the view you’ll witness while passing through the scenic routes of Coorg. Coorg is around 110 km away from Wayanad and the route you will take via NH 75 hits Bangalore, Mysore road, Bidadi – Ramanagra – Channapatna – Hunsur – Periyapatna – coorg – SH 89 – Wayanad. 

On your way, you can visit the abbey and Mallalli waterfalls. You can also have a bird’s eye view of the western ghats and take a historic visit to Madikeri Fort. 

The Somnathpur – Bandipur route

The Wayanad route starting from Somnathpur in Karnataka ends at the Wayanad district of Kerala bordering Southern Maharastra. This route is scenically great as it passes through all kinds of natural sceneries. From Somnathpur famous for the architectural heritage of the Kesava Temple in the Hoysala set of stone sculptures and carvings down to Bandipur National Park the next point is where you will start your journey. The ride goes again through quaint towns like Gundlupet, which is famous for its scenic agricultural surroundings. On the way to Bandipur expect a forest trail linked to the wildlife and forest of Bandipur National Park.

Bandipur town can be reached by taking the Gundlupet- Sultan Bathery road. With Bandipur behind, you can head to Manvantara towards Wayanad. Travelers can spend their time on this trail to get amazing views and experience the gradual set transition from Karnataka to Kerala. Please bear in mind that road conditions can vary and the times of each stop may change. Hence there should be always a quick check for the current information and conditions before embarking on this scenic road trip.

Best time to plan a road trip

If you are planning for a Bangalore to Wayanad road trip then you must plan it between October to May. the monsoon season is over and you can have a safe travel experience in these months. The temperature during these months ranges between 10-25 degrees Celsius which is pleasant. You can witness the lush greenery and the wildlife also comes out due to the warm environment. 

If you are comfortable with traveling in rainy weather then you can plan your trip from June to September. The landscape comes alive which makes these months the ideal time to plan a road trip. The surroundings turn lush green and the mesmerizing view is just a treat to one’s eyes. 

Safety measures

  • Make sure the vehicle is in good condition
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Maintain the speed limit
  • When passing through hilly regions be careful and drive slowly 
  • Do not park your car on the highway
  • Carry food, water bottles, and snacks
  • Take proper rest before you head out
  • Start your trip early so that you can avoid driving after sunset and you can easily escape the traffic. 


The journey from the comforts of Bangalore to the semi-wilderness of Wayanad is an eclectic mix of man-made marvels and untamed nature. The different settings that you will experience, ranging from the bustling part of Bangalore to the bird’s Lung capacity of Bandipur and the therapeutic hills of Wayanad, leave you with lifetime memories. 

Apart from the fact that there are paved roads and scenic routes to undertake, there are also opportunities for too-abstract experiences. Whether the cultural treasures apart from the route or the peaceful serenity of the hills of Wayanad, this tour as a whole speaks of the elixir of a complete getaway. This particular trip takes one on an unrivaled journey whose highlights are best revealed with each curve and bend.


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