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A Complete List of Unacademy Subsidiaries in 2022

Unacademy is an Indian private online education system whose main branch is situated in Karnataka Bangalore. 

Unacademy provides different types of education for students like unacademy prepared students for competitive exam examples are. 

  • NEET 
  • JEE
  • UPSC
  • CS
  • GATE
  • NDA
  • Boards etc. 

Unacademy first came in 2015 ,seven year ago. There is three enthusiasm personality who’s proposed Unacademy.

Unacademy serves education worldwide, not only in India. Revenue amount of Unacademy up to 2021 is 403.4crore.

List of Unacademy Subsidiaries

Subsidiaries of unacademy are 

  • Wifi study
  • Swiflearn
  • Coursavy
  • Rheo Tv
  • Prepladder
  • Neostencil
  • Tapchief
  • Handa ka funda
  • Kreatryx
  • Codechef
  • Relevel. 

A detailed study on Unacademy’s various subsidiaries

  • This is high time in India when startup economy growth is on. During this growth period startups need financial support. Gratitude to those who invest their money in the business of startups.
  • Startups business like unacademy is a new concept which attracts the student and parents attention. 

Here we start with each of these subsidiaries. 

WIFI Study

  •  In 2013 Dinesh Godara established a WIFI study firm in Jaipur Rajasthan. 
  • This WIFI study provides various types of education in between students who are prepared for competitive exams .
  • This platform gives video lectures, mock tests , practical examinations etc. 
  • This WIFI study gives ideas about group D examination to higher levels examination both. 
  • Some instances which are provided by WIFI study are. SSC, banking, railway, and state police. 
  • WIFI study have you tube channel on which 

Upto  2018,August seventy million views are present and about 4.5 million subscriptions seen.

  • WiFiStudy was successfully added to the Unacademy subsidiary portfolio through a stock and cash transaction.


  • In 2019 two young men Abhinav Agarwal and Anand Bakode represented the Swiflearn firm. 
  • In swiflearn, live online classes are given up to 10 classes. 
  • This platform also offered tailored home instruction at a reasonable cost. 
  • In this platform  i.e swiflearn three subjects are provided English, maths and science for tutoring. 
  • It is one of the newest additions to the portfolio of Unacademy subsidiaries and is consistent with the company’s plan to enter the K–12 education industry. In November 2021, Unacademy bought this business.


  • Coursavy helps students to crack upsc examinations by providing online access to high quality study material at a reasonable price. 
  • Corsavy represented by Vimal Singh Rathod in 2019.
  • It provides answers to questions, classes on core subjects, mentoring, study guides, assessments, and feedback.
  • In September 2020, when Coursavy was acquired, it had more than 70,000 registered members and a significant online presence on YouTube. 
  • In a statement, Unacademy said that this acquisition will further solidify Unacademy’s position in the UPSC test preparation market.

Rheo TV

  • Saksham Kehsri and Prashant Kumar created Rheo TV in August 2019. 
  • Users of the online game streaming service Rheo TV can make money from their games by live-streaming it and adding clips to their feed. 
  • In less than two years, the site amassed more over 5 million subscribers and 10,000 broadcasters, proving to be a huge success. 
  • In July 2021, Unacademy announced its entire takeover of the live streaming service and, in order to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest, enabled all of the platform’s current investors to withdraw. Unacademy made this acquisition to broaden its portfolio of unaffiliated businesses and enter the fast expanding Indian gaming market.


  • Deepanshu Goyal, Vitul Goyal, and Sahil Goyal started PrepLadder, a Chandigarh-based firm, in 2016 with a focus on post-graduate medical test preparation.
  • At the time of acquisition in July 2020, PrepLadder was a bootstrapped firm with a user base of over 70,000. 
  • The platform’s goal is to increase accessibility and ease of use for post-graduate medical test preparation by providing high-quality online study materials at reasonable prices. 
  • Unacademy’s objective of becoming the largest ed-tech company in the world is consistent with the PrepLadder acquisition.


  • In 2014, Kush and Love Beejal launched the test-preparation website NeoStencil. The platform makes high-quality education available to everyone in the nation through technology. More than 500 universities were using the platform to connect with students through live classes, and 1.1 million students supported it before it was acquired. 
  • The platform’s main emphasis is on test preparation and government job applications. NeoStencil maintained its independence following the acquisition in December 2020, with the company’s founder and CEO Kush Beejal in charge of operations.

Tap Chief

  • In 2016, Shashank Murali, Binay Krishna, and Arjun Krishna created the Bangalore-based startup TapChief. 
  • By taking on short-term initiatives, the platform enables graduates and professionals from lower socioeconomic classes to develop strong networks, meet with business leaders, and enhance their personal brands. 
  • More than 1,50,000 individuals have registered on Tapchief over, and they are actively using the platform to network their way to worthwhile initiatives and develop their portfolios. This Unacademy acquisition is consistent with the goal of developing Unacademy Pro, a platform for working professionals to upskill in order to assist them land their ideal employment. In the month of February 2021, Unacademy purchased TapChief.

Handa Ka Funda

  • Main concerns of Handa ka funda are CAT and MBA preparation examinations. 
  • In 2012 Ravi Handa opened Handa ka funda. 
  • About 20,000 students registered in Handa ka Funda. 
  • One of the best instructors for CAT and MBA preparation is Ravi Handa, and the acquisition was made to add Ravi Handa to the Unacademy faculty. 
  • The Unacademy acquisition was completed in March 2021, making it one of the most recent additions to the Unacademy acquisition spree.

Code Chef

  • Code chef is a non-profit organisation which is represented by Bhavun Turakhia. In 2009.
  • It is an online platform on which you learn about coding, engaging coding, and many more challenges. 
  • In this platform the most common group who joins is 11th &12th classes. 
  • For every issue they resolve and every contest they triumph in, the Users award points. CodeChef has 10 million registered users at the time of acquisition in June 2020. 


  • In 2014, Ankit Goyal established Kreatryx For the  preparation of GATE, SSC, ESE, CIL, and Vizag Steel exams. 
  • The platform provides online courses.
  • By providing a level playing field and a cutting-edge learning experience for all users, the platform seeks to close the gap between a student’s performance and capabilities. 
  • The founder of Kreatryx still has the freedom to operate the company as a distinct entity. One of Unacademy’s acquisitions that has received the most attention to date was the business, which it purchased in March 2020.

What Was the Breach?

A significant data breach at Unacademy in January 2020 exposed the private information of over 22 million users.

User information from workers at Reliance Industries, TCS, HDFC, SBI, Infosys, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture, Facebook, and Google was exposed, among other companies. 

On a dark web forum, the records were listed for sale with a $2000 asking price. Later, Unacademy administrators acknowledged that about 11 million accounts had been compromised, but that no sensitive information had been exposed or exploited. In their formal comment on the matter, Unacademy reaffirmed the fact that no sensitive information had been exposed.

It received criticism in May 2021 for publishing questions in their Test Series that had a religious bent and were deemed to be anti-national in nature.  The removal of educators from the system frequently, leaving the curriculum unfinished, is a complaint made by learners. Unacademy has come under fire for firing both educators and full-time staff.

After Unacademy built a teaching centre in Kota and hired numerous teachers from Allen, Brajesh Maheshwari, the co-founder and director of Allen Career Institute, gave his staff members a heads-up not to leave the organization and go to the other offline coaching centres. In July 2022, Unacademy also terminated the contracts of educators in order to save money.

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