5 Moving Hacks for a Faster and Easier Move

Moving can be exciting, especially when the reasons behind the relocation are positive. But as much fun of a prospect it can be, it has the potential to turn sour if not well prepared for.

The success behind every move is proper planning ahead of time. That, and of course, hiring a trusted full-service moving company to ease the burden for you.

That aside, just like everything else in life, there are tips you can incorporate into your move to simplify the process and make it more enjoyable.

Here are 5 moving hacks you can borrow that promise to make your move quicker, easier and smoother.

1. Pudge your stuff


Pudge your stuff!

You don’t plan to move with every single item in your home, do you? Make a point of getting rid of excess belongings in your home – old things, stuff you no longer need, items you can repurchase once you settle in, and so on. Clothes, rugs, furniture, kitchenware, some appliances etc.

The good thing about decluttering your home pre-move is it that it’s an excellent opportunity to get rid of stuff that no longer serves you. In doing so, you make your move leaner, which in turn means your moving costs will be lower.

By extension, you’ll also have more room in your new digs (bigger house or not) and it also rids your space of old energies. This is why spring cleaning feels so refreshing.

You can donate or sell these items on the secondhand market, whether online or offline through a garage sale or on the flea market.

2. Start the packing as early as possible

As soon as you make the decision to move, start planning your move ahead of time. We want to assume you’ll be creating a comprehensive moving checklist to start you off and keep you on course from start to end.

Packing is the most strenuous part of moving and waiting until the last minute to do it will heap unnecessary pressure on you.

Do the purging months ahead of time, then see what items you’re left to work with. From there, start by packing off-season items and other things that are rarely used. Once moving day draws closer, you’ll be glad you did the hard work way in advance.

3. Schedule utilities for your new place

Once you have the dates nailed-on, get in touch with your utility providers to schedule service at your new pad.

This is an often overlooked part of moving, so remember to schedule things ahead of time so you don’t arrive at the new home only to find the electricity, heat, or water is off.

Don’t forget to request service stops at your current place by move-out date.

While you’re at it, have records of the requests in a moving folder.

4. Move during off-peak/off-season

Typically, majority of people move during the summer months. This is considered peak moving season. Weekends are usually preferred, as are end-months when leases normally expire.

The problem with moving during these peak times is that everyone else is doing so, therefore there’s competition for everything – demand for housing is higher, as is competition for moving company services and truck rentals.

Essentially, what this means is moving during these times is always going to cost you more.

Therefore, if your upcoming move allows you some flexibility, opt for the slower, colder months and preferably, on a weekday (Monday to Wednesday) in the middle of the month. Lease transfer can help you overcome some potential hurdles here, so that’s something to consider.

5. Make your bookings early

Speaking of movers, if you’re hiring a mover, scheduling services such as cleaners or painters to work on the house, renting supplies etc., it’s important to book them ahead of time.

The problem with waiting until later is that you’ll end up shelling out more for it, or miss out on good movers like Arlington Movers Virginia, more so if it’s during peak season.

And there you have it!

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