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5 Easy Tips to Choose Right Personal Loan Tenure Wisely

A personal loan could bail you out of a major financial crisis. Our emergency funds and savings do not always align with the money we need or our sudden requirements – loans do come in quite handy at these times. But, if there is one thing that you have to be clear about – understand the personal loan completely. You need to know everything – beginning from the application process. This will help you to know which is the best choice for you, and also help you make a good decision. 

But, before all of that – why do you need to choose a personal loan? Here is why.

Why Choose a Personal Loan?

– To Clear of Debts

To consolidate several debts, try applying for a personal loan online. Debt consolidation is a simple answer if you are repaying multiple lines of credit at the same time. You can foreclose your other debts with the money from the personal loan. After that, instead of having to keep track of multiple payments, you’ll only have to keep track of one EMI.

– Easier Payoff

Well, when compared to bigger loans, a small loan would fit into your budget when you have to pay it off. Most times, it would not seem like a big burden. But, if you are thinking about taxes and more – you could always use an Income Tax Calculator India to figure out if you would be able to do this.

– A Better Credit Score

Your CIBIL score is a true indication of your creditworthiness, and raising it might lead to greater loan opportunities. With careful financial preparation and a personal loan application, you can considerably improve your credit score. Also, taking out small loans and repaying them on time will help you improve your credit score over time.

– A Good Reason (Wedding, Emergency, Vacation, and More)

In India, wedding ceremonies are expensive, with celebrations lasting several days. Furthermore, some people want destination weddings, which can increase the expense even further. At such a moment, a bank loan application might help relieve the strain on one’s funds without jeopardizing the event itself.

Funding emergency medical bills, higher education expenses, international holiday expenses, and much more are all common reasons to obtain such a loan. 

Here Are Some Tips for Choosing your Personal Loan

These tips will help you make the right decisions in choosing a fit personal loan for you:

1) Your Monthly Income (Always Consider It)

Analyzing your monthly income and expenses is the best strategy for picking your loan tenure. Before taking out a personal loan, write down your monthly financial responsibilities on paper and determine how much you can save each month. Also, think about other obligations you have right now and how long you’ll be trapped with them. You can calculate your loan tenure and EMI amount for a personal loan using formulas too.

2) How Much is your Loan Amount?

The amount of money you borrow has a big impact on how long you have to pay back your loan. You need to aim for a shorter loan tenure for a small loan amount so that you can get out of debt quickly by adjusting your finances for a few months and not paying a lot in interest. If you’re borrowing a large sum, though, a lengthier loan term is preferable. Taking out a large loan for a shorter loan term can place a burden on your budget, making EMI repayment difficult.

3) Look into the Future

Consider any future raises or promotions when determining a loan term. You will be able to set a greater EMI amount in your budget when your income rises. This implies you might choose a shorter loan term with a higher EMI to save money on interest. You would have to make certain financial adjustments until you earn your raise, but you will be saving a significant amount of your money on the loan costs after that.

4) Interest Rates Play the Key Role

Your personal loan’s interest rate is mostly determined by your credit score and repayment capacity. These important elements, as well as the loan period you choose, define your personal loan eligibility. Shorter loan terms are typically associated with lower interest rates, whilst longer loan terms are associated with higher interest rates. As a result, shorter loan terms result in reduced interest costs, whereas longer loan terms result in higher interest costs. So, to avoid paying a high-interest rate, attempt to choose the shortest loan term with the lowest EMIs possible.

5) Have You Tried Using an Online Calculator?

An easy-to-use tool that provides you with a comprehensive perspective of the loan’s financials, assisting you in making important decisions about the Personal Loan. It has an easy-to-use tool that may help you calculate your EMI and get a quick breakdown of the distinctive fees associated with your loan. The tool could also be utilized to compare loan offers from several banks in order to get the one that best fits your requirements.

Today, you could have several possible options when you choose a personal loan for yourself – but make sure you end up choosing the right one for you.


That is a wrap! There are various other things you could also consider before picking out your loan – but not without surpassing the above-mentioned points. Use them to make the right decision in your personal loan choices.

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