July 13, 2024
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4 Hacks To Pass Your Drug Test Today

A urine drug test is a way of checking if someone indulges in illicit drugs. The categories of people subject to this kind of test include athletes, employees, and many others. There is nothing to worry about if you don’t take illegal substances by the organizers. However, it can be a nightmare for those who take illicit substances or drugs. Failing a drug test might lead to athlete disqualification or employee dismissal. You can prevent such an unpalatable occurrence by following a simple technique to detoxify your body system or adopting other simple tricks to pass the test.

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Most times, you would have been informed earlier about the drug test. You can take advantage of this early notice to prepare adequately by detoxing naturally or selecting one of the detox products in the market.  

4 Ways to Pass a Drug Tests Today

Passing a urine drug test might be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to do. However, you can come out clean if you prepare well by trying some techniques and tricks. 

However, there is practically nothing you can do if you are faced with an on-the-spot drug test. You might not have a way around a urine test on your hair, saliva, or blood. A urine test is relatively easier to pass because it comes with advance notice. Fortunately, this testing method is common because of its practicality and cheapness. Below are some of the best strategies that can help you scale through a urine test: 

Use a Detox Product 

The market is replete with several detoxifying products. They are prepared to get rid of unwanted substances in your body system. They are fast in action and do not have a side effect. Moreover, you need to buy a high-quality product capable of doing a job without leaving any traces as incomplete detoxification causes you to fail the test. 

Furthermore, you can get this product from online stores or a local shop. One of the best detox products you can order online is the Certo drug detox. It is a detox product made from fruit pectin initially intended to be used in jams and jellies. The product has become a popular home method of getting rid of body toxins to pass a drug test. Click here to learn more about Certo Drug Test Detox. 

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Drink Plenty Water 

The idea here is to dilute your urine such that it will be difficult to pick up any unwanted substances. Diluting your urine does not mean you should add water to your sample; the lab can easily detect this. The physical properties of your sample at the time of submission are critical as any disparity or departure from the normal condition can raise suspicion. 

The right approach is to drink plenty of water a day before the examination. You can schedule the test for the afternoon so that you can take a few pints of water beforehand. Furthermore, taking a vitamin B supplement with the water will give your pee the normal yellow coloration to avoid suspicion. 

Also, the first urine in the normal is usually concentrated; therefore, you should never present it as a sample. 

Avoid Exercise and Stress 

According to a study, exercising stimulates the release of THC from the cells, increasing its concentration in the urine. However, there is no further research to substantiate this finding. Notwithstanding, it is good to avoid any form of workout before going for this test. Stress is another factor that increases the level of THC in the body. Being faced with an unexpected drug test can be stress-inducing, but staying calm can make a big difference. Based on a study in 2019, a stress hormone called adrenocorticotropic can activate the release of THC in the fat cells.  

Some ways you can relax your mind before the examination are through quick meditation, deep breathing, listening to soothing music, etc. 

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Consider a Synthetic Urine 

You can go for artificial urine if the test notice is too short and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Synthetic urine has the same physical and chemical properties as the real one. You can order powdered synthetic urine online. These products feature kits and instructions which you must follow to prepare the fake pee. The urine must be at a specific temperature at the point of delivery. Apart from that, its chemical composition must not be different from human urine. 

Therefore, you need to follow instructions and use the kit provided when preparing the sample. Alternatively, you can switch your urine with a clean sample from your friend. 

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If you need to go for a urine test on short notice, there is no need to panic; you need to stay calm and look for the best way possible to submit a clean sample at the lab. You can detoxify your system naturally by taking water. Alternatively, you can buy one of the best detox products online. Also, consider other methods explained above to scale through the urine examination. 

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