What Does the Lifeguard Do? Job description

The lifeguard is the figure responsible for ensuring the safety of bathers in places where they swim, both indoors (in swimming pools, spas) and outdoors (on beaches and bathing establishments at sea ​​or lake and in outdoor pools).

What does a lifeguard do? 

The lifeguard must monitor the area entrusted to him, constantly watch over people in the water, and intervene in case of danger or risk of drowning.

He ensures that all people present respect the safety rules and rules of conduct to avoid injuries or accidents, both in the water and in the surrounding areas, often working from a raised position (overhead chairs are common). The lifeguard provides indications on the conduct to be kept in the water to avoid potentially dangerous behavior with help of best lifeguard classes by American Lifeguard Association, recalls those who are venturing too far out or have been in the water for too long, and gives practical demonstrations on the use of safety equipment.

If the area to be monitored is large (such as a very large beach) , work as a team with other lifeguards (under the coordination of a head lifeguard ), to ensure effective coverage of the entire area dedicated to water activities.

If the lifeguard works outdoors , he must also monitor the water for any dangerous animals (such as sharks, jellyfish or rays), rogue waves , eddies or other hazards. The lifeguard is also able to assess the water conditions , and gives directions to swimmers on whether or not to enter the water, for example due to adverse weather conditions or tides.

If working in indoor swimming pools and aquatic establishments , the lifeguard may also be responsible for opening and closing the facility , as well as for cleaning, maintaining and maintaining the pools (including regulating the temperature and chemicals in the water, such as chlorine).

The lifeguard can also perform other tasks: for example opening and closing umbrellas and deck chairs , giving swimming lessons (if in possession of the necessary qualifications), managing games, sports and water recreational activities for children and adults. In addition, it takes care of the equipment for rescue operations , such as boats, skates and boats, life jackets, ropes and life jackets, as well as the equipment of the structure , such as floats, inflatables, trampolines, deckchairs and umbrellas. The lifeguard makes sure they are in good condition and takes care of their routine maintenance: in case it finds worn, damaged or malfunctioning elements, it communicates it to the managers.

The lifeguard is an expert swimmer who knows rescue techniques : he must be able to respond immediately to emergencies and carry out all the operations necessary to ensure the safety of the people involved. In the event of an alert, he promptly intervenes to help swimmers in difficulty: he reaches them with the means available (dinghies, skates, boats, or swimming) and transports them to a safe position. If the situation is serious (for example in the case of risk of drowning), he intervenes with the first aid procedures : heart massage, resuscitation and artificial respiration etc.

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What facilities are looking for lifeguards?

A lifeguard can find work in any facility, public or private, where water activities take place: bathing establishments , beaches , swimming pools , water parks , hotels , resorts , tourist villages and cruise ships , but also sports facilities , wellness centers , spas , spas and schools . Outdoor facilities mostly offer seasonal employment contracts, especially for the summer season, while the indoor facilities need lifeguards throughout the year, being disconnected from seasonality.

The lifeguard’s working hours depend on the opening hours to the public of the facility where he works. Availability to work on holidays and weekends may also be required, in some cases on shifts to cover the entire day. Part-time contracts are frequent .

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