Why LVT Flooring Is the Best Option of Flooring for Dubai?

LVT Flooring is world famous for its quality and durability. It has been in this industry since more than 60 years now and is still going strong. LVT is the worlds’ largest manufacturer of rubber flooring. And its products are used worldwide for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. In this article, I have pointed out some of its most popular varieties that are used for home flooring.

LVT is most luxurious flooring options

LVT flooring is one of the most luxurious flooring options available today. Its high end, plush carpets are ideal for homes or offices. It comes in a variety of designs and colors to suit both modern and traditional settings. It is also known for being long lasting as it is highly resistant to wear and tear. The installation cost is comparatively low when compared with other types of flooring.

Rubber flooring

The most preferred varieties are the ones made from recycled rubber, which has become the most environmentally friendly choice. It has no harmful byproducts like VOCs and does not contribute to global warming. It is made from rubber waste from all over the world. Apart from being a green option, it is also very durable, offering a good sound reduction when walked on.

LVT Hardwood Flooring

LVT Hardwood is another of the best varieties. It is made of high-quality hardwood logs. Its color ranges from gray to brown depending upon the grade. It offers a good sound reduction and durability, as it is quite dense. It is resistant to termites, giving you more peace of mind. Its finish is long-lasting and resistant to weathering.

Different Types of LVT Flooring 

The range of LVT flooring is also very comprehensive. You can get hardwood floors, wood flooring, marble flooring, linoleum flooring, stone flooring, and many more. Each type of LVT is ideal for a different look. It is manufactured using eco-friendly rubber, making it the green flooring option.

There are many types of tile flooring available in Dubai too. From cement to ceramic tiles, you will find the best in the market. Marble and limestone tiles are made of man-made products; however, marble is actually made of natural deposits in the mountains of UAE. Its durability, beauty, and hard-wearing quotient make it one of the best floor options in Dubai. The limestone and ceramic tiles are imported from Italy, while the other materials like wood and rubber flooring are made locally in Dubai.

Uses of Flooring

All these options are best suited as bathroom flooring in Dubai. If you have the intent to get the flooring for your bedroom or dining room, you can go for wood or marble. Small spaces can go well with wooden options, whereas large rooms can opt for ceramic tiles. You will also find a large range of options in terms of colors and finishes.

You can visit a number of online stores selling Rubber flooring from Dubai. The Internet is flooded with an array of such retailers. You can compare prices and purchase the flooring of your choice within minutes. Some of the most popular flooring retailers in Dubai include Al Hamadoni Home Products Co., Emirates Hills Tile & Flooring, Emirates Valley Products, Idealistic Floor Solutions, Island Easy Floors, Jumeriah Floors, Majestic Products, and many more.

Tips to buy LVT Flooring

There are some tips that will help you in buying this kind of flooring. Firstly, measure the area where you want to install the flooring. The measurement should be accurate to ensure that the flooring does not cover any space that is not intended. Also, do not forget to take the measurements of the wall behind the furniture if you are thinking of installing it in the living room or dinning room. This will ensure that the flooring compliments the interior of these areas.

In addition, you will have a wide variety of choices to choose from. All these options have been made to provide optimum comfort along with durability. When it comes to choosing the design of the flooring, you can opt for the contemporary options, or else you may choose the traditional ones. These are both beautiful and durable. Select the one that goes well with the interiors and furniture of the house.


Once you are done selecting the flooring, look for an expert to install them. Look for someone who has experience in installing the flooring so that you are ensured of the best results. If you want to know more about the different options of this type of flooring, you may log on to the internet and browse through the different sites dedicated to this issue. Here, you will find the different prices offered by different companies as well as the details about installation services.

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