What’s the Average Cost of a Vacation? 4 Factors to Consider

According to a recent survey, Americans have stated that vacation begins the minute they sign off from work. Taking a vacation is essential to keep your mind and body refreshed, and as the weather turns warmer, many people are gearing up to do so.

If you are considering taking a trip soon, it’s essential that you know the average cost of a vacation.

Read below to learn four factors to consider.

1. Transportation

When determining vacation costs, the first factor you should consider is transportation. Generally, transportation will cost you almost half of your vacation budget.

If you’re flying, consider your roundtrip airfare. An average domestic roundtrip plane ticket costs around $275, while an international roundtrip ticket costs about $735.

Now, decide how you will get around once you get to your destination. Ground transportation costs can add up more than you may think.

Will you be renting a car? If so, you need to factor in gas, tolls, and parking costs.

If you aren’t renting a car, will you be going with Ubers and Lyfts? Or, will you be using public transportation, such as subways and buses?

All of these will end up costing you, so tally them up first before proceeding.

2. Lodging

Lodging will take the next big chunk of your travel fees, but it has changed significantly with the pandemic. The average price of a hotel in 2021 was around $194, which is much lower than it was in 2019.

You can skip these fees if you are traveling somewhere that allows you to stay with friends or family. Yet, this is not always possible, especially if you are traveling internationally.

You can choose to go with a cheaper hotel, so you have more cash for other factors, or you can choose to spend more money to have more comfort.

3. Food

When you’re on vacation, you want to be able to eat anything you want, which is why food costs are considerable. If you’re planning on going to restaurants every day, you should be prepared to spend at least $40 per adult each day.

If you plan on preparing your meals each day, the cost would be much lower, but this is not typical when going on a vacation.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment is the last factor to consider, as it will most likely be the lowest cost. Depending on where you vacation, entertainment may be included, such as with this trip.

However, if you’re going somewhere for a specific event, such as sporting events, concerts, museums, or national parks, you should be prepared to pay between $15 and $200 per person per event.

Plan Easier by Knowing the Average Cost of a Vacation

When you know the factors that determine the average cost of a vacation, you can make your planning much more simple. Figure out your budget way ahead of time, and you won’t have a problem planning your perfect trip.

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