What to Know Before Furnishing Your New Living Room

You may have a living room that has extraordinary proportions or interior architecture. Or perhaps you just moved into a new house or apartment and have no idea how to arrange your furniture in your living room. To make it successful, planning your space and arrangement is important so that you can create a beautiful and functional space. Either way, you came to the right site to have ideas for furnishing and decorating your living room.

Considering scale and sizes

Before you furnish your home, you need to consider your space so that you can know how big your furniture can be. Think about your own space and plan for everything with the details of your home and not another place. You can’t just pick something up at a showroom just because it looks good there. 

Thinking big and thinking ahead

For good ideas for your living room, a recommended way is to start big and work your way down to the smallest details. For instance, you can identify the biggest wall in your new living room and decide which of your furniture can fit perfectly there. Not just by size but by appearance and functionality as well.

Filling up an awkward space

The truth is, you don’t have to fill in every space in your living room to say you’ve maximized your space. Sometimes it’s better to leave it empty than make it look cramped or cluttered. A little minimalist living can also help you improve your room’s design and style.

Saying you’re feeling too awkward about the space being empty, you can add a small dining set or a home office desk. For smaller pieces, you can put up a bookcase, a houseplant, an ottoman for additional seating. If you don’t need additional seating, perhaps a massage chair from Luraco can fit your taste. As it has many models and designs, it can be useful for you.

Separating areas with rugs and framed artwork

For the main area of a home, there can be enough space to fit two to three zones and make it comfortable and functional. You can define your lounge or TV area with a rug and use framed artwork to transition your way to the dining area. 

Aside from those, you can also use different colored walls if you prefer more colors. Ensure that there is a space between each zone to prevent it from looking awkward and confusing. If you have more space, you can use a bookshelf to divide one huge room into two. A bench can work, too, depending on your arrangement or theme.

Be creative and brave enough to consider placing things away from walls, especially if the room is big enough to fit into some good furnishing ideas.

Don’t forget your vertical space

The floor isn’t the only space you want to fill with furniture. Think about tall houseplants and lamps that can capture your taste. Taking advantage of your vertical space through height shelving and wall storage can also be a good idea. If you have a small space, you can use the walls for more storage and space-saving ideas. You can use artwork to fill in a particular part of the wall. It’s totally fine to hang something higher than you’re used to. 

Another tip is not to fill your walls with too much decor since that can make the room seem cluttered and overwhelming. Vertical space isn’t just about the walls anyway, but also about what you can hang from the ceiling, such as planters and lighting.

Being creative with the lighting

Lighting is an essential part of every room, which is why it’s important to plan it before settling them around your living room. The first is practicality. Figure out which parts of the room are required to have proper lighting. Once the essential areas are covered, you can be creative and dig some more ideas to make the place bright or cozy, depending on your preference. You can even set up both so you can use them, depending on the mood you’re in.

Consider ceiling or wall lamps for your reading and dining area. These kinds are all perfect for space-saving and for maximizing your vertical space.

When furnishing your new home, it sometimes takes time to be satisfied with it, but that’s okay. It’s essential to take your time on these things since, aside from style and preference, you should also consider your budget. It’s another reason planning everything first before acting on it is highly important. Since it’s your own home, you want to be completely happy with it and not regret anything.

Amit Kumar

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