What Is SMS Messaging Used For In 2022?

SMS messaging—or text messaging as it is commonly known—is a simple way of sending short messages over a mobile telephone network. Almost all mobile phones can receive and send text messages. Here are some of the most prominent ways in which SMS messaging is being used in 2022.

Interpersonal Communication

Private interpersonal communication is still the most prominent use of SMS messaging. Indeed, the roots of the format are in casual communication—the first ever SMS message simply read “merry Christmas.†Despite the rise of internet-based instant messaging services, text messaging still remains a core communicative medium in the mobile world.


SMS messaging is used regularly in the field of marketing—due to the near ubiquity of the mobile phone, businesses have jumped on the opportunity to use this format to disseminate their materials. However, there are strict regulations governing the use of SMS marketing, and companies must have some kind of consent from a consumer before they can message them directly via SMS. Many companies rely upon experienced agencies in order to correctly utilize text messaging in their marketing campaigns, with SMS broadcasting at Boomerang Messaging being one of the most potent and affordable services offered.

Government Messaging

Because of the widespread use of mobile telephones, text messaging is seen as an effective way for governments to broadcast emergency messages. Systems are in place for the automated sending of messages to mobile phones during times of war or natural disaster. However, these systems can sometimes malfunction with predictably chaotic results. For example, in 2018 residents in the US state of Hawaii received a text message from the emergency messaging system reading: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.†This was a false alarm, which was not corrected for almost three quarters of an hour. Residents sought shelter in basements and messaged their loved ones, fearing for their lives.

Logistics And Delivery Alerts

Logistics and delivery companies frequently use SMS messaging to alert consumers when deliveries have been sent or completed. These messages are, more often than not, automated. When a delivery is logged by a driver or shipper a text message is automatically generated and sent to the intended recipient. Automated text messaging services allow delivery and logistics companies to offer consumers information about their order without the need for large call center teams.

Pandemic Containment

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. For example, in the UK alone over 20 million people have reported positive test results during the course of the pandemic, but thankfully, numbers are now beginning to drop off. Text messaging has played a part in the government’s containment of the crisis. Text messages are used to let patients know their test results and to alert members of the public when they have been in close contact with a person that has tested positive. Because the overwhelming majority of the UK population owns a phone that can receive SMS messages, the format is perfect for reaching large amounts of people.