What is a steel wire screen?

Wire screen is available in screen and other forms, it includes simple intersecting columns and parallel rows. The steel wire screen is similar to the expanded or perforated metal sheet but is not exactly the same thing.  It can be produced in an almost limitless array of styles and shapes, additionally, it can be utilized on almost any material made up of metal or alloy you could ever think of.

Widely speaking, the wire that is used to produce the screen is progressively made by drawing down the metal in a series of round dies till it reaches a precise diameter. The steel wire screen can be joined using two joining formats – firstly welding and other is weaving. These two joining formats give rise to two primary types of steel wire screens, let’s understand the properties of each.

Welded Steel Wire Screen

In this type, the columns and rows are welded together at every individual point of intersection. In this process, the wire is drawn down to the precise diameter and is fed into a machine that welds all the rows at once together. Simultaneously, wherever the perpendicular welds are meeting, a parallel line of weld meets them.

Again the machine is fed with this for the intersection of its wires. In almost all the cases, the machine which is used for this work draws its heat sources from electrical resistance. Still, there may be other formats used in a few of the cases. As the screen would reach an appropriate length, it is sheared into a rigid and flat sheet.

Woven Steel Wire Screen

In this type, the wire is woven using a few different potential processes. Here, usually two at a time, wires are woven both – above and under the perpendicular wires. The machine used for this process is somewhat similar to the loom machine in which a straight wire is fed and a pattern is selected so that the machine can bend those wires. This process is repeated continuously till the appropriate dimension is reached. Once done, the sheet can be cut in the required size.

Steel Wire Screen Applications

Due to its ability to have varying wire diameters, the steel wire screen has achieved an enormous range of applications. It can range from heavy-duty rigid screen to finest sheer gauze fabric and this flexibility clearly means that it has a wide range of applications. The steel wire screen is used in sieving, industrial filtration, shielding, screening, sifting, separation, and sorting processes.

It is also used in a domestic environment. Consider grills, fences, cages, shelving, sifters, concrete reinforcements, and safety barricades, they all use steel wire screens. The steel wire screen has a very malleable and flexible material. So, it can be shaped according to the exact requirements and edged to fit the structure that is required. It is also durable and hence it performs pretty well even under high pressure and temperature. Widely used in the gas and oil, recycling, pharmaceutical, electronic, and automotive industry, etc.

Bottom Line

The steel wire screen is a durable and strong product. It is widely manufactured in two types, that is woven steel wire screen and welded steel wire screen style. The steel wire screen is popular due to its relatively low cost, widespread and versatile use.

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