What Are the Different Types of Engineering That Exists Today?

In the United States, there are around 2 million engineers working in a wide variety of fields. Engineers work in so many different fields because there are many different types of engineering jobs. Each professional is specialized, producing experts in their field of study. 

Let’s take a look at what kind of engineers are around today. 

Types of Engineering Jobs

We can break down engineering into broad categories such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. These fields have their own specialists, but underneath these categories are an entire host of engineering specialties. 

Each one of these broad categories has specialized education and requires different skills and focuses. For instance, a chemical engineer can’t just decide to be a mechanical engineer, they would require additional schooling or training. 

Engineering Specialties

There are twenty main engineering specialties that are called for in today’s economy. Some jobs which say engineer, such as a statistical engineer, are actually statisticians and not engineers. Engineering types often come down to career choices and natural inclination. 

Aerospace Engineers

Focusing on the principles and development of flying objects in the atmosphere or space, aerospace engineers are among the highest-paid of all engineers. 

Agricultural Engineer

These individuals develop systems for producing, storing, and distributing food. Sometimes also known as food engineers. 

Architectural Engineer

This is a person who specializes in the construction and development of building and construction processes. They often work closely with designers and other professionals. 

Automotive Engineer

An engineer that focuses on vehicles that use combustion engines to function. Whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV, these engineers know about their systems and functions. 

Biomedical Engineer

Medical instruments and devices have biomedical engineers to thank for their development. 

Biotechnology Engineer

They study ways to keep us alive and healthy. The use of cells, development of medicines, and other medical work are their specialty. 

Chemical Engineer

Engineers in this field develop new and different chemicals to be used for various functions. 

Civil Engineer

Infrastructure is the main focus of these engineers, bringing fresh water and electricity to the homes of millions. One of the most overlooked engineering styles. 

Computer Engineer

Someone who develops and works on computer systems, both hardware, and software. 

Electrical Engineer

These individuals often specialize between instruments or communications or remain overall electrical system engineers. They develop various systems we use in everyday life that deal with electricity. 

Mechanical Engineer

A broad spectrum of engineering that focuses on machines and their function. 

Other Engineers

There are engineers for almost every purpose you can think of. From Marine engineers who focus on watercraft and ship systems to nuclear engineers working in power plants across the world. Every type of industry has its own specialized engineers. 

No matter what you need, you can find engineers that can help you. 

Engineering and You 

With so many complicated systems operating in unison, we often overlook how much training and work went into our world. Every system is engineered and every year we get better at the math and science behind it all. 

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