What Are the Best Types of Hats for Men?

When it comes to men’s accessories, you may feel a little limited. Women have jewelry and makeup to step up their outfit game, but there are fewer options for men.

That’s why you have to start incorporating hats into your looks. There are so many types of hats to try that will complement your existing style. Let’s look at some of the best and most popular.

Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat is a classic choice for men from out West to Down South and everywhere in between.

The great thing about a cowboy hat is that it is both functional and stylish. You can show off a personal Western style with a good cowboy hat, and it can even be a status symbol if you have a really nice one.

At the same time, a cowboy hat serves a functional purpose. Cowboy hats shade your face from the sun, reducing the need for sunscreen. They shade your eyes so that you can see better in bright lights. And some cowboy hats even have a slope to keep water off your face in the rain.

It’s important to know that there are different kinds of cowboy hats. There are cutters, outbacks, cattlemen, showcreases, and more! Try a few different styles to find the one that suits you best.

Boaters and Formal Styles

Hats can and should be formal too! There are lots of formal hat styles for work, events, weddings, and more. Plus, there are different styles for different weather.

Try a wool fedora instead of average winter hats this winter. Enjoy a day out on a yacht with a boater or Panama hat. A good haberdashery can help you choose the best and most stylish hats for your lifestyle.

Bucket Hat

The bucket hat has been making a major comeback lately. This casual hat look is great for festivals, the beach, and hiking. It can help keep the sun out of your face and keep you cool.

Plus, bucket hats come in a lot of fun colors and wild patterns for you to express yourself with. Or you can always play it more simple with a flattering color.

Custom Baseball Cap

Like cowboy hats, baseball caps also serve a purpose while looking fashionable. They shade your eyes from the sun and can even wick sweat off your head.

Baseball caps are fun because you can use them to show off something you care about. There are so many cool baseball cap logos to choose from. Custom embroidered hats are an even better way to make sure your message gets out there.

Types of Hats for Every Type of Man

Whether your style is casual, Western, playful, formal, or comes with a message, there are great hats for you. These types of hats should start to give you an idea of what’s possible with your hat style.

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