Top 7 Benefits of Work From Home

There are currently 4.7 million remote workers in the United States. 

But, is it all it’s cracked up to be? Or, should a post-pandemic world go back to favoring in-office work?

Read on for some benefits of work from home.

1. Customizing Your Life 

No more migraine-inducing office building lighting. No more distracting office chatter, smelly food, or anything you dislike. You can craft your workspace to be just as you please. 

You can design an office space to look like a beachside lounge or a glamorous hideaway. Then, customize your seating and desk set-up with ergonomics that best fit your unique needs. 

2. No More Traffic

There are so many positive side effects to eliminating a stressful work commute from your lifestyle. First, the average work commute is 25 minutes one-way. We spend a lot of unnecessary time driving that could be better spent on things that enhance our lives. 

Roadways are also dangerous. Nearly 32,000 people died in vehicle accidents in 2021. Not to mention that research shows that traveling more than 10 miles per day has adverse health effects like high cholesterol and anxiety. 

3. Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint 

Transportation accounts for 29% of pollution. Reducing the amount of time you spend driving by working remotely helps reduce this number. There are currently 863,953 office workers in the United States. 

4. Benefits of Work from Home: Money

Gas, lunch, coffee, parking, makeup, professional attire: these are just some of the extra expenses that come with working at an office. Working from home significantly (and in some cases completely) reduces expenses.

Companies can also save on overhead, rent, and much more. Learn more now about remote work tips. 

5. More Productivity

Office life is full of distractions like office politics, gossip, unessential meetings, work events, and more. Remote work has been shown to increase productivity in workers. When employees work remotely, interactions are limited to what is meaningful and performance becomes clearer. 

6. More Inclusivity

There has been a lot of talks recently about how remote work helps create more inclusivity. People feel more comfortable and accepted showing up to work as they are instead of being pressured into a corporate identity that doesn’t fit them. When employees feel like they can be themselves, they are able to bring their true talents to the table, instead of editing themselves. 

Remote work also makes good jobs more accessible. Recruiters aren’t restricted to a locale that perhaps is not affordable to the talent that otherwise would be a great fit. It also makes it much easier for those living with disabilities to secure long-term employment. 

7. Work-Life Balance 

The flexibility of working remotely makes it easier to balance your professional and personal life. It creates more opportunities to connect with family and friends. It makes it easier to run quick errands during the workday.  

Working remotely also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Exercise becomes more accessible and easier to do when you work remotely. Remote work also benefits those living with health conditions by making their life easier and less stressful. 

Advantages of Working from Home

As you can see, there is good reason for so many people choosing not to go back to the office. There are many benefits of work from home. The pandemic also showed us how unessential an office is. 

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