Tips for preparing for an interview online

As we all know, that pandemic is going on, so most of the companies are doing online interviews for a new employee. In the online interview, the interviewer asks the question to the candidate and then the further process is done. After getting selected in the first round, the manager takes the interview ahead, and then the human resource officer finalize it. There are lots of things that should be taken care of while going for the interview. In the following, we will be discussing some of the tips for an online interview.

Step1: Formal dress code and appearance

It should be your first priority that you should choose which dress you will be wearing during the interview as it creates an impact on the interviewer to think that a candidate is a principled person. Try to get in white formals; that is the best option for an online interview. Trim your beard perfectly and make your hairs accordingly. Keep a smile on your face while giving your interview. Try to think about everything in a positive way and calmly.

Step2: Check your internet connection

As you know that your interview will be online, so try to get a WI-FI that will be the best option. You will be getting a good bandwidth, and no interruption will be there during your interview; on the day of the interview, check that your connection is stable and the speed of the internet should be that much, which will fulfil the requirements. Don’t download or upload any large files during the interview. It may slow down your internet connection.

Step3: Mock practice

This is the most important tip for interview preparation online. Before you give the real interview, try to do a mock with any of your friend or with siblings. As you are giving it for the first time or second time, it doesn’t matter, as everyone has a little bit of fear for an interview. There are many candidates who fail to explain the statement they had stated in front of the interviewer due to fear. So try to give a mock practice before the real one.

Step4: Location for the interview

As your interview is going to be online, so you should sit in a cleanroom. Try to remove all the wall hanging and unnecessary things from that room. It should clear and look perfect during the interview. It will add a good impact in the mind of the interviewer that the candidate maintains the hygiene. The room should be closed, and no one should enter during the interview to avoid disturbance.  Lights should be in the opposite direction of the candidate so that it will help him to show his face more clearly.

Step5: Study all the interview related questions

Try to study everything which is possible for the interview as it is one of the important steps for the interview preparation online.It is not possible to remember everything but try to read everything once; you may get the question asked on any topic by the interviewer. There should many difficult questions present in the interview book; you should try to solve as much as you can. In the online interview, it is not possible to solve the question in front of them, and they don’t have enough time to wait for the answer.

Step6: Tricky question

Most of the interviewer ask a tricky question to the candidate. They want to check the IQ level of the candidate, so according to that, they can choose the best candidate for their office. While you are doing interview preparation online,you should make your mind to solve the short questions as they create difficulties and reduces the chances for the candidate. Try to think calmly after getting the question and then answer them.

Step7: Make your mind calm and sharp

Always try to remain calm during difficult times. The interviewer asks many questions, which appears difficult and sometimes they are very easy to answer. In all the situation you should remain calm. Try to answer all the questions; maybe you are wrong, but you will create a good impact that you are trying to answer the difficult ones. Sometimes interviewer asks the same questions repeatedly to check that candidate answer the same or the different one.

So these are some of the tips and tricks which can help you with your online interview preparation. You can go with it. For sure, you will be cracking the interview and getting the job. Make sure that you will follow all the steps and be ready to face every question.

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Alen Parker

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