There are several types of promotional codes:

  1. Eligible for discounts. The applied code allows you to discount a certain percentage of the final order value. The amount of the discount is determined by the seller and can be in the range from 3 to 50% and more. Sometimes sellers give promotional codes with a set amount of discount in rubles.
  2. Free shipping. With such a bershka promo code you can order goods with free shipping or reduce the minimum order amount – if the store delivers goods for free, subject to an order for a certain amount. The terms of the store may apply to all products or only a part of them.
  3. Discounts on the first purchase. These promotional codes are designed to attract new customers. They are valid on the first order and can give a percentage or a fixed amount discount.
  4. To receive a free trial copy of the product. They are often offered by perfumery and cosmetics stores.
  5. To receive a gift. Using a promotional code allows you to get a gift or another copy of the product from the order for free. For example, if you buy two large pizzas at a pizzeria, you can get another one as a gift.
  6. A discount for a specific product. You can apply such a promotional code only for one specific product and in a set short period of time.
  7. Discount for a group of products. The promo code is valid when purchasing several products in a bundle or a set.
  8. Personal discounts. These promotional codes are not available to everyone, they are given for registering, subscribing to newsletters or inviting new customers who have made a purchase.
  9. For a free period of validity of a subscription to the service provided.

According to the methods and conditions of use, promotional codes are:

  • disposable and reusable;
  • acting on all goods or only some;
  • valid only for a specific method of purchase (only when ordering through the online store);
  • permanent or with a limited period of use.

How they work: step by step instructions on how to use a promo code

Using promotional codes is very easy. It is a sin to miss the opportunity to save on your usual purchases, especially since discount codes are usually distributed free of charge.

In the process, everyone will figure it out:

1. Find the promo code on the aggregator site or in the mailing list of the online store and go to the site of the desired online store where you can use it. Sometimes the aggregator offers to follow the referral link to the store’s website. In this case, you do not need to enter the promotional code – the discount will be applied when ordering automatically (if everything works out as it should). Cashback services operate in a similar way.

2. Add the selected items to the shopping cart. Pay attention to whether a promotional code is valid for them or if a number of conditions must be met for its validity (the conditions can be found on the aggregator website).

3. Find the field for entering the promo code on the order page of the online store. Copy the promo code from the aggregator site and paste it into the special field. Sometimes the field for a promo code may be called “Discount Code”, “Bonus”, “Discount Coupon”, etc. Click the Apply button.

4. The cost of the order will be recalculated immediately and can be seen in the shopping cart.

As mentioned earlier, you can and should look for a promotional code after sending the goods to the cart at the payment stage (if you have not bothered about this in advance), the main thing is that there is a corresponding field on the order page.

If the total amount is not recalculated, it means that something went wrong and the promotional code for the products you selected does not work. This can happen in several cases:

  • the promo code is used in the wrong online store;
  • the promo code was entered incorrectly, with errors;
  • the promotional code does not apply to items in the cart, that is, they do not meet the conditions;
  • the term of use of the promotional code has expired and it is no longer valid;
  • goods in the basket are already sold at a discount or are on sale, and all discounts are usually not summed up;
  • the quantity of goods or the amount of the order does not meet the conditions (for example, the amount is less than the required minimum of 4000 rubles or the units of goods are less than three);
  • you have already used this promotional code for another order (if the promotional codes are not reusable).

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