The Vape Industry in New Zealand

New Zealand counts a lot of smokers and wants to change that. In order to take action and decrease the smoker community, vape shops started to appear in the country. Little by little people are using this type of shops more and more and some trade has been done with the neighboring country. In fact, most of vapes Australia come from shops in New Zealand. The vaping industry is now part of New Zealand with the goal of reducing the community of smokers.

  • VapeNZ : a huge phenomenon

In 2011, the government of New Zealand decided to launch a new operation called Smokefree 2025. This country cthissa consequent number of smokers with at least 550,000 daily smokers. In order to change this tendency, the Government planned on putting initiatives so that more New Zealanders quit smoking tobacco or stay smokefreeby providing them with less harmful alternatives. The goal of Smokefree 2025 is to reduce smoking prevalence to a level as low as possible. As such, vaping products have been considered as a potential harmful way to make a contribution to this objective that the Government of New Zealand hopes to attain in 2025.

Because of that initiative a large number of vape shops opened 8in New Zealand to try to help as much people as possible. The effect of vape NZ will be proportional to the number of people that will decide to transition from regular cigarettes to electronic ones. The Ministry of Health in New Zealand is hoping that by using a vapeNZor vape Australia and with the help of local stop smoking services, the number of smokers in this country will significantly dropped years after years. According to experts, the effects of vaping products are much less harmful than straight tobacco and are a great way to slowly stop smoking.

  • The future of vaping in New Zealand

There has been a lot of change since the Smokefree 2025 statement. New regulations have been put in place regarding vape NZ: people are able to vape in vape shops, vape shops are offering all type of flavors and are now offering discount as well as loyalty programs to promote vaping products. Vape shops are now also available online, which is a great way to sell a greater variety of products with the possibility of being delivered the chosen product right at your doorstep. Vape shops don’t have the right to advertise their products in the streets, however, they can use the internet to promote their smoking devices through online advertisements and the use of Search Engine Optimization.

To encourage the diminution of smokers, New Zealand’s parliament decided to establish a legal framework allowing small shop businesses to thrive and survive throughout the years. The main goal of New Zealand is to almost have no smokers anymore in 2025 but it looks like it is going to be a difficult task to achieve. More people are now using vaping devices, however the numbers are still pretty low and a lot of people still don’t know about this possibility or see that has a difficult option to join.

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