The Pros and Cons of Having a DVC Membership

If you love all things Disney you may have heard about the world’s most popular vacation club. But did you know you can buy an interest in Disney real estate and look forward to yearly vacations?

Frequent family vacations to the Disney theme parks may make becoming a member a good option for you. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of getting a DVC membership.

What Is a DVC Membership?

When you become a Disney Vacation Club member you purchase a real estate interest directly from Disney Vacation Club. You will become an owner of a flexible timeshare represented by vacation points.

Every year you can use your vacation points to book resort accommodations around the world. In addition to this, you also get DVC membership extras and personalized Disney experiences.

DVC Membership Pros

There are endless benefits to the magic of having a DVC membership. And they get better every year.

You can expect the list to grow for as long as you have your membership.

Save up to 50%

When you purchase a Disney Vacation Club membership you are locking in today’s price for decades down the road. So you can save a lot when it comes to future vacations.

Flexible Options

You can decide how many DVC points you will need in a year to have the vacation you want. Then you can purchase an appropriate share size.

This lets you decide how often you want to travel and how many people you want to accommodate.

Close to Parks

DVC resorts are close enough to the Disney theme parks that you don’t have to worry about a commute to get there. You can ride a shuttle, monorail, boat, or gondola to get to the gates from almost every resort.

DVC Resale Markets

You may be able to save a bit of money by purchasing through a resale market. Disney Vacation Club resales are when you buy from a person who owns a timeshare, instead of Disney directly.

The points hold their value well and resell very fast in the market.

DVC Membership Cons

Even the most magical of things can have some downsides. Here are some things to consider before purchasing your DVC membership.

DVC Membership Fees

No one likes to pay fees. It is a necessary evil to be able to enjoy the use of the vacation club on a flexible schedule.

Savings Can Take up to 6 Years

It takes some time before you start to see savings on your accommodations. The fine print states that you can expect a 4.5% annual increase in rental rates and annual dues.

Based on this information, most people can expect to see savings anywhere from 6 to 14 years down the road.

Membership Extras Are Subject to Availability

If you are looking forward to specific membership extras, you might be disappointed to find out not all of them are available to you. Extras are listed as incidental benefits and are not guaranteed.

They can change or be terminated without notice, or you may need to pay additional fees to enjoy them.

Block Out Dates Apply

If you want to spend Christmas at Disney, you should think again. High periods of demand, like Christmas and New Year’s, are blocked out so members can’t spend their points during busy times.

Find DVC Resales Today

Buying a timeshare is a big decision. If you are caught under Disney’s spell you may find the amazing amount of benefits to be worth the commitment.

Browse some DVC membership options today, then read some more of our blog posts that will keep you up to date on other ways to enjoy life.