The Latest Dental Marketing Ideas You Should Embrace Right Away

Do you struggle to project a positive image of your dental practice?

This is just one example of the many challenges that dental offices face. Even the best dentist is prone to making mistakes — especially when it comes to dental marketing.

Are you trying to get more leads for your practice? Is it a challenge to convert those leads into loyal, satisfied customers?

Keep reading and we’ll walk you through four innovative marketing tips you can use for your new dental practice.

1. Think About Your Brand

Many practices struggle because they haven’t yet created their own unique brand. If this sounds like you, think about what sets you apart from other dentists in your area.

Do you specialize in anxiety dentistry for nervous patients? Are you an expert in the latest dental implants or teeth whitening techniques? Do you have a talent for making kids (and parents) feel relaxed during an office visit?

Think about ways to better define your brand and then incorporate that idea into your logo, website, and dental marketing efforts.

2. Start a Patient Referral System

Experts estimate that 70% of growth in established practices should come from existing patients. The best way to adopt this strategy is to offer a referral bonus program.

Hand out referral cards or send them to your existing patients via email or regular mail. Offer enticing discounts on products or services if they refer a friend to your dental practice.

You could also kick things up a notch by incorporating a “grand prize” to the patient who provides the most referrals. 

3. Study Your Competition

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for newsletters and emails from other dentists in your area. Go a step further and follow them on social media too.

Why are you doing this? Simply put, you’re “spying” on the competition. For example:

  • What kinds of discounts and promotions do they offer?
  • How does their referral system work?
  • Which new technologies and techniques have they recently added to their practice?
  • How often do they follow up with prospects via email or phone calls?

Take a look at the type of content they send out too. Are they posting funny videos of their staff dressed up in Halloween costumes to entertain the kids? Or are they providing in-depth guides to gingivitis or Invisalign?

Whatever they’re doing, think of ways to do it differently (and do it better).

4. Partner With Professional Marketers

At the end of the day, you may not realistically have enough time to focus on your dental marketing efforts. This is one reason why many dentists choose to outsource their marketing needs to companies like

If you lack the time or desire to do your own marketing, hire a professional to do it for you. This will free up your valuable time to focus on the core aspects of running your practice.

Try These Dental Marketing Ideas Today

You want to be that local dentist that everyone in town knows and trusts. Before you can earn that reputation, though, you first have to find the right dental marketing tactics for your clientele.

Use the tips above for your new dental office and get ready to enjoy the results!

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