The Indian Wedding Checklist you must Refer!

One of the most followed and admired traditions of India, is its Weddings! No matter which country you move, a couple dreams to have the perfect Indian wedding. The only difference being that the modern couple wants to add a tinch of personalization that suits their preferences. The Indian weddings are now a lot more about making their personal statements. Outfits and themes are picked as per their own philosophies of social responsibility.

So what’s the checklist for having a perfect wedding?

  1. Wish for a Destination wedding or local?
    Keeping your budget in mind, it is very crucial that both partners agree on their preference of wedding location. Sometimes the heart wants an expensive destination location, where as the pocket may only ask you to cut down your guest list to fulfil the criteria. In the end, you have to figure out what’s best for the interest of both.
  • Which venue to book?
    The preparations begin with the very first step of booking a venue that suits the taste of the couple, and accommodates everyone who they want to invite. It must be spacious, so the guests enjoy the ambiance and it be a place to remember. The day is special for the two, but doesn’t mean the rest can’t dream to have a wedding just like that. With our Indian wedding services, we help our clients find the ideal location without any hassle.
  • Research on the wedding themes
    If you explore the internet, there are n number of theme ideas you can ponder on and pick for your wedding. Sometimes the minimalistic features show elegance, and other times the couple hopes to have an extravaganza and an interior design that stands out from the rest.

  • How to pick the designer?
    The couple could want a synchronizing outfit, or they may want to contrast each other. The guy may prefer wearing a formal suit but the girl may want the traditional lehenga. We offer exquisite Indian wedding services, where a personal shopper is ready to assist you with brilliant ideas to make style statement.
  • Catering options
    This is one of the plans that doesn’t just rely on the taste of the guests. Bride and groom may not even have a taste out of the menu. Catering is often always, all for the attendees. Best is to keep as many options as you can, if the crowd includes diversity. If not, an Indian wedding could include the Indie snacks and Indian meal as one of the essentials.
  • Invitations and gifts
    Our Indian wedding services will help speed through the tiring and dull task of invitation and gifts which you have to select for your guests. These days a couple may want to save paper and send evites, while others may stick to paper invitation cards. Uncover a wide range of choices in gifts as well, and find the offerings that suit your budget.

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