The Common Types of Dementia in Elderly Individuals

Are you wondering whether a loved one has dementia?

There are many different types of dementia, and they all influence the lives of people who have them in a different manner. As such, people with dementia have a wide range of abilities and needs. The necessary dementia care might look different depending on the type of dementia a person has.

Below, we’ll get into the most common kinds of dementia along with the signs of each. Keep reading to learn more about what living with dementia looks like!

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is by far the most common of the types of dementia. In fact, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that Alzheimer’s causes 60% to 90% of all cases of dementia.

When someone has Alzheimer’s, they are experiencing brain cell death. As these cells die off, the person’s ability to recall things diminishes.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s is fatal. However, people with Alzheimer’s often live for years after their initial diagnosis. On average, people live between 3 and 11 years after the onset of the disease. Yet, some people have lived for more than 20 years.

The first signs of Alzheimer’s usually include forgetfulness, including forgetting the names of loved ones and certain events. The person may also experience depression when they have Alzheimer’s.

However, depression is not caused by Alzheimer’s. Rather, people who have Alzheimer’s may become depressed because of their diagnosis or the increased difficulty of certain tasks.

People who have both depression and Alzheimer’s should seek out the care of a medical doctor and mental health therapist for the best treatment.

Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia causes the second-most number of dementia cases. People develop vascular dementia when they have a lack of blood flow to the brain. Some people who develop this type of dementia might also have had a stroke or received an atherosclerotic disease diagnosis.

If someone has vascular dementia, the symptoms might appear slowly or very quickly. Loved ones may notice them experiencing confusion. They may appear to not know where they are.

As the disease progresses, they may struggle to maintain their concentration. Many people with this disease leave projects unfinished.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies

Dementia with Lewy bodies occurs when proteins get deposited onto the brain. These proteins interfere with the brain’s messaging system.

People with this kind of dementia will experience memory loss. They may also appear disoriented. Often, they struggle to sleep and experience hallucinations.

If someone in your life has dementia, you might wonder how to best care for them. That’s where senior living communities come in. These facilities provide high-quality care to people with dementia.

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Go Beyond Learning About the Types of Dementia

Learning about the types of dementia can help you identify it in others, but it also empowers you to seek out the highest quality of living for people with these diseases.

People with dementia benefit from partaking in many activities. You can help them fight off some of their symptoms by completing puzzles with them and encouraging them to socialize with others.

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