The Brief Guide That Makes Becoming an Event Planner Simple

Did you know that experts expect demand for events, meetings, and convention planners to grow by almost twenty percent by 2030?

If you love holding gatherings and have great organization skills, you should consider becoming an event planner. Not only is it a job that’s in demand, but it also pays well and will give you the chance to be creative. 

The problem is that it can be challenging to know how to start your career and build a name for yourself. This is why we’ve put together a guide. Keep reading if you want to find out more. 

Get Your Bachelor’s Degree

Most event planners will need to have a university degree. The best way you can prepare yourself while pursuing your bachelor’s degree is to take courses related to human resource management, event sales, accounting, and negotiating. 

You should consider majoring in business management, marketing, or communications. 

Get Practical Experience

Start getting relevant experience by planning events on your own or by pursuing an internship. It’s also a good idea to volunteer with nonprofit organizations that organize and hold events. 

Familiarize Yourself With Event Planner Technologies 

You should know how to use various kinds of computer programs if you want to become an event planner. This includes software for project management, customer communications, sales, and marketing. 

One of the most popular new kinds of technology is 3d event designer software. This software helps event planners to create floor plans so that they can easily design to-scale event layouts. 

Develop Important Skills

Those who are skilled at planning events are well-organized, know how to network, and have great interpersonal skills. If there are certain types of skills related to the profession that you don’t yet have, consider developing these skills.

For example, if you are not great at networking, you can seek out experiences such as helping to raise funds for disaster relief. This might involve reaching out to various communities to encourage people to get involved.  

Find a Specialty 

It is possible to be an event planner who is a generalist. But if you want to find constant work it’s a good idea to choose an area of specialization. Many people choose to specialize in corporate party planning while others prefer to plan weddings and birthdays. 

Build Your Portfolio

Once you have a portfolio it will be easy for you to share your skills and accomplishments with potential clients. You can build your portfolio by collecting press, photos, and testimonials from the various types of events that you organize. 

Take Action Today to Become a Great Event Planner

If you’ve been wondering what you need to do to become a professional event planner, keep in mind that you’ll need to have the right training and relevant experience. After getting your bachelor’s degree, seek out volunteer roles or internships related to event planning. It’s also important to build your portfolio. 

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