The Biggest Decor Styles to Keep an Eye on This Year

What is the hottest hashtag on Instagram when it comes to interior design?

You’ll find everything from generic interior design hashtags to more specific niche-related hashtags. The top color-based hashtag is #IHaveThisThingWithColor with 460,000 posts.

Have you ever thought about using social media as a resource when you’re looking for design trends and design styles?

What decor styles are the latest trend in interior design this year? Keep reading to learn what the experts are calling some of the hottest upcoming trends.

Mixing Materials

Homeowners and decorators have a desire to create a unique look in the home. This has led to an increase in mixing materials when decorating. Think about mixing stainless steel with playful multicolor schemes or wood with different metals and stone.

Learn more about the latest trends in Interior Design For Commercial Spaces. The industrial style mixes steel, wood, and cement in contemporary commercial spaces.

Nature-Inspired Decor

People have a desire to connect to nature by using organic materials in the home. Expect to see more terracotta and travertine, trees like the black olive or Southern magnolia, warm color tones, and soft organic materials like linen.

The 1970s

It’s baaaack!! Be ready for the colors and styles of the seventies. You’ll notice terracotta, sage green, and mustard yellow colors and mid-century modern pieces with peg legs and teak wood tones.

Homework Rooms

We were accustomed to most homes having a home office. Now we’re looking at spaces for kids to do their homework rather than at the kitchen table. A lot of families are choosing to homeschool their children and are opting for a private space for learning.

These spaces include interactive smartboards, high-speed wifi, and lots of outlets for charging computers and other tech devices.

Curved Pieces

Look for sofas with curved backs, coffee tables with curved corners, and arched cabinets. These gentle, flowing shapes offer a soft aesthetic. You can achieve the look by investing in a few focal pieces of curved furniture.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Rooms are being designed to serve different purposes. Guest rooms are doubling as workout rooms or offices. Dining rooms might have walls lined with shelves for books or wine storage.

People are using rooms in ways that work for their current stage of life. If that means your family room has to double as an office while working from home, so be it.

Which Decor Styles Appeal To You?

Some people like to go with the new trends, while others choose decor styles that make their home comfortable. You can choose from a new color palette or unique furniture choices to decorate your home or give it a makeover and accomplish both. Whatever you do, remember that your home has an effect on your mood and your overall health.

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