The Best Teeth Aligners at Home and How They Work

Did you know that every tooth is unique? From your 20 baby teeth to your 32 permanent teeth, not one tooth is the same size or shape.

Teeth require daily maintenance, such as brushing and flossing, and as we age, people look at other ways to enhance their smiles. Keep reading, and we will walk you through the most popular teeth aligners at home.

Byte Clear Teeth Aligners

While browsing at-home teeth aligners, you should check out Byte and see if it’s the right fit for you. These Invisalign alternatives can help treat minor to moderate teeth alignment issues.

They offer all-day aligners that you can wear for over 22 hours a day and night aligners that you can wear while you sleep. The average treatment time is four months for all days and five months if you get the night aligners.

You can also get HyperByte, which will help move along your treatment and enhance the aligners. Enamel is the hardest part of your body, so straightening or realigning requires some work.

NewSmile Clear Aligners For Teeth

NewSmile is a more recent company that offers aligners at an affordable price, and they don’t touch your gums in the process. They send you an impression kit that they use to create aligners that fit comfortably along your gum line.

NewSmile is taking clear to the next level through the scallop shape for aligners. They don’t touch your gums, which creates minor irritation and makes them even less visible.


SmileDirectClub offers traditional clear aligners and nighttime aligners. They have a community of 250+ state-licensed dentists and orthodontists to help create your aligners and monitor your treatment.

With their traditional aligners, you should see results in 4-6 months. The average time for their nighttime aligners is about ten months.


Invisalign is one of the best clear teeth aligners. Invisalign came into the dental space as an alternative to braces that you can’t talk off and are visible on your teeth.

Invisalign is a clear alternative that isn’t attached to your teeth, and you can take them out at specific parts of the day. Invisalign has also been proven to help with gaps in your teeth; if they’re smaller, they may be able to solve the problem on their own.

In some cases, you might need extra dental work if the gap is significant. Check out more information here.

Before choosing or trying any of the at-home clear aligners, you should consult with your dentist or orthodontist to find the proper treatment for you.

The Right Teeth Aligners At Home For You

Now that you’ve seen the options for teeth aligners at home, you can consult with your dentist or orthodontist and find the right ones for you to try.

Byte, NewSmile, and SmileDirectClub are a few options that you have for clear teeth aligners that will help straighten your teeth. Invisalign is a great option that can help with straightening your teeth and gaps.

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