Statistical Analysis System: The platform of continuous training, research, and development

We are currently living in a revolutionary era that is dominated by technology and its products. These products and technologies power the art of business intelligence and decision-making. Different types of statistical software enable us to draw conclusions from huge data sets and shape our decisions. One of the great systems that have served as a potential statistical package for the last few decades is SAS. In the last few years, a lot of features have been added to the analytics systems which has helped in visual data and knowledge discovery processes. The drawback is that it has come with added costs. Let us take a close look at different aspects of SAS and SAS certification in detail.

The platform of continuous training

SAS is a trusted platform for both beginners as well as advanced users because of its capability to tackle huge data sets and work on complex problems. The limitation, however, is that it requires more training than Excel and utilizes programming syntax rather than point-click menus. A certain level of training is necessary to make use of SAS effectively. This training depends upon numerous factors like the background of the trainee and the various aspect of analysis that he is interested in. The previous programming experience and skill also determine the amount of time that a person takes to master SAS syntax. The beauty of SAS is that it is similar to Java in terms of data values and function calls. However, the line of programming that is followed in SAS is at a slightly different level. In SAS programming, a characteristic process needs to be developed based on each task which helps in a great understanding of the working of this system.


There are three main popular products of SAS viz. Base SAS, STAT, AND GRAPH. These products are very active for visual data discovery and actionable insights. With the help of these products, we perform a range of statistical tests. Also, we perform advanced functions like forecasting and time series analysis. With the help of these products, we create specialized programs and solutions which help in industry-specific processes. Advanced uses of these products include the insight into transactions, purchase history, and payment methods of customers. Other utilities of these products include communication, retail logistics, and others.

Concluding remarks

In one word, SAS is one of the greatest platforms for solving big data problems. SAS certification is not only a great enabler for high-level jobs but is also a symposium for the latest research and development in the field. Research is also being taken up by both businesses and universities in SAS making it an unavoidable tool to handle the wave of Big Data Analytics in the coming times.

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